Ten Best International Courier Services Provider Companies When Shipping Away from India

With the rise of the Internet and digitalization, the discourse of commerce has completely changed. Businesses which were only confined to certain geographic areas are now operating on a global scale due to easy accessibility to global markets. Rapid innovations in technology have also resulted in the growth of the logistics and shipping industry on a global scale. The market for shipping cargo around the world is estimated to grow from 11.09 billion tonnes in 2021 to 13.19 billion tonnes in 2028 at a 2.5% CAGR, as reported by Fortune Business Insights.

India’s shipping sector is essential to the expansion of the nation’s trade and commerce, both in terms of value and volume. 70 per cent of India’s total trade value and about 95 per cent of its international commerce volume depend on the marine route, according to figures from the Ministry of Ports, Shipping, and Waterways (MoPSW). India had a 1431-strong maritime shipping fleet as of April 2020.

With these growth projections in place, the evolving eCommerce sector in India which entirely depends upon the shipping and logistics industry has a million opportunities in place, but businesses largely face problems while picking the right courier service provider for conducting trade in overseas markets.

This blog entirely focuses on helping you pick the right international courier service partner among some of the best and most reputable names in the country.

The top 10 International Courier Service Provider Companies in India for Your Business

  1. NimbusPost

NimbusPost is one the leading shipping aggregator in India that provides cost-effective and best international courier services to eCommerce businesses of different scales and sizes with their AI-powered shipping software solution. Their global shipping rates start just at ₹215/50gm with serviceability across 196+ countries. Their unified end-to-end tracking, advanced NDR panel, real-time consignment update, etc. provide hassle-free shipping across global markets. They provide shipping, warehousing and fulfilment services overseas via their global shipping platform NimbusGlobal.

In India, they cover about 29,000+ pin codes via collaborating with the country’s top 27+ courier partners such as Delhivery, Shadowfax, Blue Dart, XpressBees, etc., through an integrated platform.

2. DHL

DHL International is a logistics firm with its global headquarters in Luxembourg. With over 30 years of uninterrupted operation, DHL International has established itself as the top provider of international courier services. It functions as a division of Deutsche Post. With the largest workforce in the world, it is one of the most profitable logistics companies.

With almost 340,000 employees worldwide, DHL International is currently accessible in more than 220 countries and territories. The business sends more than 600 million shipments per day to over 380,000 locations on six different continents.

3. FedEx

Another prominent international American courier delivery service provider is FedEx. Its corporate headquarters are in Memphis, Tennessee. FedEx is well-known for its rapid freight and logistical services.

FedEx International First is another name for FedEx International Priority service.  It is among the top global suppliers of services and solutions for supply chain management to businesses all over the world. Customers can choose from a variety of logistics services, including pickup through transportation, warehousing, third-party contracting, line haul, freight brokerage, and more.  More than 300 locations are currently served by FedEx.


In India, one of the most well-known companies offering courier services is DTDC. In 1990, Subhasish Chakraborty and his brothers founded the DTDC courier service. DTDC started as a small, one-man operation and became a well-known brand. For the International Book Project of UNESCO, DTDC made the initial cargo while using an Ambassador automobile (IBP). Later, they became well-known across the country as DTDC Courier Company Limited.

Their two main services are international air cargo transportation and logistics services.

5. Blue Dart

Among the top companies offering international courier services, Blue Dart is leading from the front. This Mumbai-based business was named one of Asia’s most profitable logistics service companies by Forbes. At Mumbai’s international airport, it manages around 45% of all air freight. Additionally, Blue Dart provides specialised shipping services for online retailers like Amazon and eBay. The company is worth $462 million in US dollars. It ranks among the largest couriers in the world.

6. Aramex

Aramex International Courier Company primarily focus on logistics. This business was established in 1982 by Bill Kingson and Jordanian businessman Fadi Ghandour.   Over 100,000 full-time employees work with Aramex now across the globe. Additionally, they offer services in 190 different nations worldwide. The company’s main office is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Aramex operates on six continents and has a global network of 40 subsidiaries, affiliates, partnerships, and joint ventures. They also maintain permanent offices all over the world. Currently, they provide door-to-door delivery services to more than 220 nations.


GATI is an Indian company that offers logistics courier services. It offers cargo handling, customs brokerage, international air and ocean freight forwarding, as well as other associated services. The corporate office of this courier service is located in Hyderabad, Telangana (India).

It is based in Delhi, India, and has branches in several other countries, including Saudi Arabia, China, and Russia. They specialise in exporting and have a wide network. Additionally, they export to several countries via their global distribution hubs. This courier service company offers cost-effective door-to-door delivery.

8. Ecom Xpress

Despite being a relatively young courier business in India, Ecom Express has already built a solid reputation for its efficient and cost-effective services. It is a full-service logistics company that offers options for express delivery across the entire country.

Ecom Express, which covers over 27000 pin codes in India, is a popular alternative for eCommerce firms that handle high-value commodities such as jewellery and give additional safety throughout storage and transportation. In addition to these services, Ecom Rapid also provides doorstep quality checks on returned items, express delivery, and a 3-day completion guarantee for all deliveries.

9. Professional Couriers

With more than ten years of experience as a supply chain expert, Professional Couriers is a reputable courier service provider in India. To ensure effective delivery, the country is home to more than 1000 outlets. This company is widely renowned for providing large businesses with secure and trustworthy courier services. It provides services to governmental organisations, international corporations, public sector businesses, financial institutions, and educational institutions while employing over 20,000 people.

10. Delhivery

Since its launch in 2011, Delhivery has made it to the list of India’s top courier companies, offering a wide range of logistical services to both B2B and B2C businesses. Delhivery has handled more than 650 million deliveries to date and provides both domestic and the best international courier services. They currently have over 3000 direct delivery sites and 85 fulfilment centres. Pricing is determined per pound and is relatively affordable. For its effectiveness in providing reverse logistics and cash-on-delivery services, it is widely praised.


With the rising eCommerce industry, the significance of shipping and logistics providers has also increased and as an eCommerce business owner, it is very important for you to wisely compare various factors while picking the right partner for your business. Above mentioned shipping service providers are some of the best in business and can help you scale up your business to new heights in international markets.

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