Increase the Number of Repeat Order Using Custom Packaging Inserts

Customized Packaging Insert: This is a common scenario to help you understand: A customer discovers your website for clothes, then browses the site for a few minutes, and places an order for clothes. Success! Now is the time to pack their order, mail it out, and never hear from them again.

However, after investing time and effort in your site and marketing to attract that new customer, do you want to allow them out that quickly?

When the shopper is transformed into a customer, it’s a hot iron. The customer has approached you as an act of confidence through the purchase of a component, and when they’ve had positive experiences, they’re more likely to be open to your company.¬†

Do you need evidence?

According to Forbes, companies have a 70% – 75% probability of selling to a customer already in the market with a 7% to 22% chance of selling to a new customer.

Make use of it! Add a personalized “thank you” inside their package to show them how much you appreciate them, build a relationship, and encourage them to return to your store.

box inserts

Packaging inserts are a great idea:

They’re inexpensive: It’s just a sheet of paper at the end of the day! If you’re looking to cut back on paper, you can even cut them into half sheets. If you decide to upgrade to colored paper so that the insert stands out, however, the paper will be affordable!

It’s a simple set-and-forget marketing strategy: It only takes the time to design the insert once, and then it’s easy to print a stack of them and include it in orders before shipping.

It’s already costing you shipping costs, so you may consider making your most out of it. It’s free marketing for your clients, so they’re more likely to look at it than sending an email with a promotion.

They help build trust with customers. If your client was pleased with their experience with your website for apparels and wants them to feel special, providing a customized packaging insert increases the probability of purchasing from you again.

Design your Own Packaging Insert

Are you ready to begin creating an insert for your business? There are many ways to create an insert for packaging, and you should take some time to determine what goals you’re looking for with this.

Set your goals

Do you wish to increase the number of repeat customers?

You can wish to increase your presence on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram?

Is your wish to collect reviews from customers for your business?

Do you wish to concentrate on developing a relationship with your customers?

What else?

Cardboard box dividers

The packaging insert could address multiple goals, Of course. If you’d like your insert to address all goals simultaneously, your message might become confused and ineffective. Your goal is for the insert to be simple and quick to read for one reason, and should you type too much in it; people may not even notice the entire thing.

Additionally, customers like having a single, clear instruction. A simple message such as shop next time with us and receive a 50% discount on your purchase using this promo coupon is a clear future step for your client.

We suggest you have one primary goal and possibly another, less important purpose. For instance, your primary goal is to increase repeat customers, while your second objective is to increase your social media following.

If you have a plan set in your mind, it will hint at what you should include within the templates.

What should be included on the packaging insert?

Under the goal(s) you’ve selected, here are some possible options you should include on your sheet.

Encourage Customers to Buy More

Who would refuse the opportunity to increase sales? Enticing the client to keep coming back is a great target for websites.

In this case, it’s simple to add coupon codes to discount the purchase to follow. Be sure to inform the buyer what type of coupon you’re offering.


Receive free shipping with your next purchase of more than $200 using the coupon promo code OFF200.

Inform customers that they can check your latest sales by following your Facebook page or subscribing to your newsletter.

Read customer testimonials

Most customers don’t think of writing a review, and the simple manner does impact. Reviews can make a big difference on your site to increase trust and confidence.

So, Begin by making your client feel special! Let them know how you value them. It could be as easy as telling them:

Your opinion is important!

How did we fare?

Then, request feedback. While it may seem obvious, inform the customer precisely what you would like from them:

Please leave a review for us at [].

Make Sure to Promote your DIY Guides or Videos

Does your department offer some DIY tips?

After putting your all into these guides, you’ll want to squeeze as much of them as possible! 

Inform customers that these guides are out there. Offering them free information is a fantastic method to convince customers to view your company as a trustworthy source of info.

That’s not even including an improvement in your opinion of your website! In the end, people love receiving free things and will appreciate it by offering assistance.

If you create these guides, please let them be aware! Provide the buyers with an online link where they can locate the guides on your website.

custom mailer boxes insert


Need assistance in installing? Check out our series of installation guides at [].”

Increase the Number of Social Media Followers

Connecting customers with your brand on social media can bring many advantages. It can result in more frequent purchases, increase customer loyalty, and constantly remind customers who have already purchased from you that you are there.

Be specific about what you’re looking for. Inform customers about how to reach you! Include links to your social media pages that you are active on. It can also help entice users with the promise of the benefits by following you, such as keeping up-to-date with sweepstakes and promotions.

Establish a Connection with the client

While it is possible to add this to other objectives, it’s worth noting on its own.

You can choose to keep the generic message or adopt a more casual and friendly tone. This is the distinction between “Thank you for your purchase” instead of something more personalized.


“Thanks for shopping at us! We at [Example] will strive to provide you with the highest quality service, and we’re extremely pleased you’ve decided to work with us.

Sincerely, [Name], Manager at [Business Name]”

If you’re aiming for this, you may also want to write on the note an individual’s name, such as the department manager, to ensure that the customer has an actual name to recall instead of the name of the company.

This can make your department and help remind customers that you’re real people, not just behind that computer monitor.

Invite customers to contact or write to you. Contact information can open up the possibility of conversations with your customer and make a difference.

However, Many dealers have shared that they’ve earned loyal customers simply by conversing with them on the phone.

custom boxes inserts

You’re done! What’s next?

Making the packaging inserts is incredibly simple and be worth the effort.

After you’ve got the insert you’ve written, the only thing left to do is print them in large quantities. Print a massive pile of them so that you don’t need additional copies each day. If you have included a promotional code on the page, activate that promo code on your e-commerce platform!

Expert Tips:

You are free to leave it the way you like it. However, if you’re looking to maximize the packing slips you use, you could do more.

Put your logo on the customized packaging insert! If you print the black-and-white format, your logo can help the page look more professional than simple text.

Now and again, you can create a new one. You can shuffle through the old inserts; however, mixing them keeps your customers interested. Who purchase from you frequently.

Alternatively, you could make unique inserts to coincide with different seasons, such as the winter holiday season. You can switch onto your seasonal insert from October until December, return to the regular insert for the remainder of the year.

Create more than one insert to ensure you can modify it based on the product purchased by the client

If, for instance, you’re selling multiple brands, it is possible to make a variant that refers to Nike or features the Nike logo, and another version specifically mentions Clothes.

For another example, if you sell clothes to national and local customers, you can create specific inserts for each. Local customers could get coupons for discounts for their next oil change at your shop, and national customers can enjoy discounts on the next order they place online.

Bring your design up to the next level. Make your design stand out from This free, web-based design software allows you to design custom designs.

There are numerous templates; regardless of whether you’re artistic or design-savvy, you could quickly create a highly effective, high-quality customized packaging insert!

If you choose to do this, consider how you create your inserts. The most elegant designs using full-page colors might not appear as appealing on a regular printer! Print a test page first to test how it appears.

If you need a more powerful printing machine, you could find quality printing for a low price from your nearby UPS and FedEx.


In short, customized packaging insert are a simple yet effective method to advertise your business and boost the customer’s loyalty.

After putting in the time, effort, and marketing dollars to bring customers to your site initially and then keeping that customer can make your job simpler!

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