Top 7 famous well-known and best caterers in Kolkata

Food is a very important part of every human life. On every occasion ,food plays a major role especially for Bengalis.The first thing that is discussed in all Bengali functions is what food will be served. Not only that ,you need to make sure that the food which is being served is top quality and most delicious so that the people remember your occasions. Actually, honestly speaking, remember these foods which they eat during your celebrations.

 Kolkata is a very special city for Bengali people.  Here, we have a lot of delicious food with food-loving Bengali people. For that reason they hire the best and very well-known catering service so the guests remember their occasion for a long time.

To be honest, when choosing the best catering service people first search on Google, blogs etc. So in this article I will try to give you the top 7 best and well-known catering services list in Kolkata which will make your event more special and your guests will go back to their home with a happy tummy.

  • Classic Caterer ‘Since 1989’
  • Parsha Caterer
  • Raj Bhoj Caterers
  • Barnali Caterer
  • Good Food Catering Service 
  • Ganpati Caterers
  • Orion Caterer 

               1- Classic Caterer ‘Since 1989’-

              This catering service is one of the oldest and well-known caterers in Kolkata.  They serve their best catering service at your event. Here all  team members are very professional and food experts make your guests happy. If you choose these catering services for your event then it makes your special day unforgettable.

Address- 5,Sitala Mandir Road,Green Avenue, Santoshpur,Kolkata, West Bengal 700075.

Their contact details- 084206 28387.

              2- Parsha Caterer-

               This is one of the fastest growing catering services in Kolkata. They serve the best and high quality food items. All staff are very professional and helpful. Not only food, their presentation is also remarkable. If you hire these catering services for your event, definitely you will never regret choosing them.

Address- 28 NO Shaktipally,DP Nagar, Belghoria, Kolkata, West Bengal 700056.

Their contact details- 098367 34441.

             3- Raj Bhoj Caterers-

             If you are looking for the best and trustworthy catering services then ‘Raj Bhoj Caterers ‘ is one of them. All chefs serve the authentic dishes within your budget. Team members are too good and their behaviour  is really commendable. The owner of these catering services surely satisfies your guests with his extremely good services and polite behaviour.

Address- 3rd floor, Kumor Para,117,Hemchandra Mukherjee Road, Barisha,East,West Bengal 700008.

Their contact details- 098303 05773.

              4- Barnali Caterer-

               This catering service is famous for the owner’s calm nature and excellent delicious and mouth-watering cuisines. Not only the taste but the food quality is also super high. And you get everything with a reasonable price. Their team members know how to satisfy the client guests. This arrangement makes this catering service more popular in Kolkata.

Address- 102, Satyen Roy Road,Barik Para,Indrajit Pally,Behala,Kolkata, West Bengal 700034.

Their contact details- 62917 67378.

             5- Good Food Catering Service-

            You all know that ‘First impression is always important’ so when you know the name of these catering services you will show your interest. Now I’m going to share with you some information about this catering service.  It is Kolkata’s one of the popular catering services. They impress uncountable clients with their kind behaviour,excellent Lip-Smacking dishes and most importantly the rates of these services.

Address- 3,near KK Das College, Ashutoshpally,Baishnabghata Patuli Twp,Patuli, Kolkata,West Bengal 700084.

Their contact details- 086976 33826.

             6- Ganpati Caterers-

             This catering service is the biggest name in the catering industry of India. They make every occasion grand and memorable. From starters to desserts every dish is commendable. Your guests surely remember your function for a long time.

Address- 48,A,Syed Amir Ali Ave,opposite Quest Mall,Lower Range,Beck Bagan,Ballygunge,Kolkata, West Bengal 700017.

Their contact details- 080170 00074.

                7- Orion Caterer-

               Orion Caterer is the finest caterer in Kolkata. The owner of this catering service strongly believes that a good relationship is built through the food and behaviour. So their team members always try to satisfy their guests. Here all staff are very responsible. If you choose this catering service for your event then they give you a memorable moment.

Address- 44B,Nandaram sen st,Sovabazar,Hatkhola,Kolkata, West Bengal 700005.

Their contact details- 99030 89646.

Above these are top 7 best and famous caterers in Kolkata. Choose any one for your event and give your guests a memorable experience. 

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