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A group of Mozilla employees and volunteers rallied in front of Princeton University on Tuesday to protest the school’s use of technology from the Chinese company Huawei. The rally was organized by the Mozilla Foundation, which is best known for its Firefox web browser. The group is concerned about Huawei’s involvement in the development of 5G technology, which they believe could be used for spying by the Chinese government. They are also calling on the university to sever ties with Huawei and any other Chinese companies. mozilla rally princetonbonifacicengadget

Mozilla is teaming up with Princeton to launch a new online privacy initiative. The two organizations will work together to create a set of best practices for online privacy, and they’ll also offer resources and support to help people stay safe online. This is a great opportunity for Mozilla to show its commitment to protecting users’ privacy, and it’s an important step in the fight against online surveillance. mozilla rally princetonbonifacicengadget

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, is holding a rally today at Princeton University. The event, which is open to the public, will feature speakers from Mozilla, as well as students and faculty from Princeton.

The rally is part of Mozilla’s ongoing effort to promote its browser and other products. Mozilla has been working to increase its market share in recent years, and the rally at Princeton is one of several events the company has held on college campuses.

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