Yasmin Monet Prince’s biography

Yasmin Monet Prince is a very famous actress, known for Hanna released in 2019, Dark Heart released in 2016, and Boxing Day released in 2021. Yasmin Monet Prince is a famous British actress. She has been famous for her amazing impression in some of the flicks as well as television series like Dark Heart, Nocturnal, Hanna, etc. She ended her debut back in the year 2016 after emerging in a television movie named Ellen.

  • Name:                   Yasmin Monet Prince
  • Age:                       21
  • Hometown:        London

Yasmin Monet Prince’s Bio

Yasmin Monet Prince is a famous British actress. She has been popular for her amazing impression in some of the films as well as television series like Dark Heart, Nocturnal, Hanna, etc. She finished her debut back in the year 2016 after arising in a television movie named Ellen. Her part as Kayla was loved by many people all close to the globe.

The same year she seemed in a movie called Nocturnal. She recreated the part of Annie. Currently, Yasmin hasn’t been occurring in any of the television sequels. But, she is very stubborn to get a part in one of the movies or television series. She is still youthful and has a whole profession in front of her to flourish.

  • Name: Yasmin Monet Prince
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality: British
  • Ethnicity: Black
  • Profession: Actress
  • Instagram: @yasminmonetprince
  • Twitter: @jazyyazi

Yasmin Monet Prince Wiki and Parents

In the year 2000, Yasmin Monet Prince was born on 2 May in Kingston, Jamaica. She praises African ethnicity and English nationality. The names and occupations of her parents have not been exposed to the public yet. She might have heeded acting classes or activity that has further improved her skills.

She was grown in London, the United Kingdom by her parents despite living born in Jamaica. She was brought up in a broken and single-parent cottage. She had determined at an early age that she desired to be an actress. She pursued her affection and is a rising celebrity in the United Kingdom today.

Yasmin presently resides with her household in a townhouse in Sydenham, London. She has a lovely family with lovely parents. She has not shared a single fact about her family fellows to date.

10 Validities on Yasmin Monet Prince

  1. Yasmin Monet Prince is a famous British actress of the African race. She is famous for her impression in “Hanna” as Clara Mahan.
  2. Prince earned her way into the TV world from the TV movie “Kayla”. Succeding that, she featured on “Holby City”, “Dark Heart,” and “Nocturnal,” etc.
  3. From the outset of her profession, Yasmin is much praised for her essence as Clara Mahan. Her portrayal provided justice to the character which the audience adored.
  4. Monet is a rational; woman and is very devoted. She should have heard acting classes or activities, which have further improved her skills.
  5. Yasmin is a sweet woman. She has a fantastic personality and; great shape. The lady stands tall, but her figure facts are not revealed.
  6. Prince has an IMDb celebrity. Also, her short memoir details are public online and on fan porters. Along with her triumphant career, it is sure that she will push up for Wikipedia soon.
  7. Yasmin is young, bright, and energetic. Her era is in the early 20s. However, the exact date of birth and birth sign of the actress is still obscure.
  8. Monet has a gorgeous family with beautiful parents. She might have lovely brothers and sisters as well. Besides, not an unmarried online site has facts on her family members.
  9. Prince is unmarried and spends grade time with her friends and family. But she will discover a handsome boyfriend in the years to arrive.
  10. Yasmin is engaged on Instagram only. Moreover, she has collected 13.5 K fans, supporters, by now.


  1. Portraits of Dangerous Women-pre-production
  2. 2022- Colby-post-production (Short)
  3. 2022- Then you run (TV Series)
  4. 2021- Boxing Day
  5. 2020- Unsaid Stories (TV Mini-Series)
  6. 2019-2020 Hanna (TV Series)
  7. 2019- Nocturnal
  8. 2018- Dark Heart (TV Series)
  9. 2017- Holby City (TV Series)
  10. 2016- Ellen (TV Movie)

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