Waxed Canvas Trucker Jackets: What You Need to Know About Them

Waxed canvas trucker jackets are considered a highly-practical, functional, and durable pieces of outerwear. These jackets are known for standing the test of time while giving you a stylish look that’s sure to turn heads.

These days, jacket lovers are becoming continuously weary of jackets made of polyester and other manmade fabrics that do not last long. There came a time when waxed canvas jackets were losing some popularity. However, these jackets are resurging again as jackets made from other materials were not as high quality.

What are Waxed Canvas Jackets?

Waxed jackets are made entirely with canvas. Canvas is a densely woven cotton form that is resistant to abrasion and tearing. Being one of the oldest materials being used by humanity, you can easily find canvas jackets in the market that are very water resistant. The canvas is made by applying a hot layer of paraffin wax to the cotton fabric.

Let’s now discuss the benefits of waxed canvas trucker jacket.

Strongly Resists Wear and Tear

No matter how tiring outdoor activities you do, your waxed cotton jacket is clothing that’s immune to all worn-out effects and tears. There’s fear of tearing when you’re walking around in bushes and thorns, but when wearing a waxed jacket, there’s no need to worry.

Waxed canvas jackets are designed to be hardwearing in nature – giving you complete peace of mind as an adventurous person. These jackets are sturdy with a tough surface that’s not easily affected by scratching or abrasion. Not only that canvas jackets cost less, but they are also durable.

Durable with a Long-Life

Waxed canvas jackets are not only popular for their longevity, but they’re made to last for long. The already sturdy canvas cloth is made further tough by layering it with hot wax. This way, the torso cloth becomes immune to the effects of rips to a high level.

Another great thing about such jackets is they are easy to maintain. You can easily take a waxed jacket to its original new form by simply having it rewaxed after a year. By bringing the jacket back to its original look, you bring its durability and water-resistant properties back to life.

Timeless Looks

Another big benefit of waxed canvas jackets is the timeless vintage look that never fails to impress people. No matter how rough the weather, you can always rely on these jackets to give away a stylish look.

These jackets are here to always stay in vogue no matter what. A waxed jacket is a great fit for people of all age groups. This is the main reason why these jackets will stay in vogue for a long time in the future.

Waterproof Nature

As long as you take care of having your canvas jacket waxed every year, it will continue to retain its waterproof properties. This is due to the exterior waxed finishing which makes it able to resist wear and tear.

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