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Unique Picture Hanging Ideas For Your Walls

Pictures are the gateways that exist between the past and the present. They feel like memories frozen in time and no matter how many times you look at a picture, it always feels like a brand new memory that never gets old. The best way to make these special moments even more better is using cheap picture frames to hang all of them on your walls. What better way to embrace the glorious days you had other than looking at them everyday and every time you walk past the hallways or rooms. If you cannot come up with ideas on how to hang these frames in an innovative way, we got your back. Here are some easy and unique ideas for hanging picture frames that you can incorporate in your homes.

Fairy Lights

One of the most popular and elegant way to hang your cheap picture frames is to cover the boundaries with fairy lights. These not only look beautiful, but also attract a lot if attention especially during the dark. These small lights are easy to handle and extremely affordable. So if you are on a budget, fairy lights are your way to go. Make sure to choose golden ones of you want a warm and cosy atmosphere and any other colours of you are looking for a more funky look.

Monochrome Frames

One way to create a simple and sleek look is choosing frames of the same colour with no pattern on the boundaries. Just plain frames. If you want, you can select different shades of it and place them in a lighter to darker pattern. That creates a pattern that looks beautiful and is very pleasing to the eyes. Choose a frame colour that goes perfectly with the colour of the wall. But make sure that both of them are not the same. If you choose a colour similar to your wall paint, the frame will not be visible and that gives a bad impression.

Family Tree

If you plan on hanging photos of every member if the family, why not do that in a shape of a family tree? You can easily find tree stickers online or even paint a big tree with lots of branches. Add a frame on each branch but remember to do it in the correct order of the generations. It looks super cool and you can impress your guests with a whole wall dedicated to this purpose. Leave a few branches at the end empty so that for every new addition in the family, you already have some space! You can later on add flowers or birds around the tree to give it a more lively look.


These were some lovely ideas that are easy and make your residence look even more beautiful. Pictures are an essential part of the house. They help you remember your loved ones, amazing memories and special days. Mounting them in frames and hanging them all around makes your home environment happier and healthier.

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