Top Most Affordable Colleges in Canada, Real Quality, Costs and PR for International Students

Not only will you get the top 10 most affordable colleges in Canada for international students in 2021 but i will also cover the quality that they offer the cost of living there and how easy or hard it is to get pr after college and of course all of these colleges are designated learning evaluation essay writing institutions which means that you will be able to apply for your study permit come to Canada i actually have a detailed video about study permits you can check out after you finish watching this article.

Just go back to this point or click on it in the description and after graduation all of them offer a pgwp postgraduate work permit i also have a very detailed in-depth video about how to apply for that but first let’s talk about the cheapest colleges in canada number 10 seneca college 15 000 a year i knew that i had to share the cheapest college in toronto because a lot of you are interested in going to the biggest city to toronto actually but there’s a few disadvantages that i will talk about a bit later first let’s talk about the college itself it’s very good i have a few friends who went there and they only shared positive feedback i also have a secret that i will drop but how about this we exchange i give you the secret you give me a like people told me that if you go to nunem campus it’s a bit easier academically and now let’s talk about those two big disadvantages.

So seneca is located in toronto which is the most expensive city in canada and if you for example choose to run this two-bedroom apartment it’s gonna cost you seventeen hundred dollars even if you split it it’s quite expensive and i’m not even talking about other costs of living and this place is far from downtown so you would spend a lot of time commuting to school to work whatever be sure to consider other options on the list the second disadvantage is that the college itself is located in ontario toronto which is really incredibly difficult for pr compared to other places in canada i actually have a few friends who came from ontario toronto to halifax where i’m at right now to get their pr because it’s really difficult there only if you’re a narrow specialist you have experience in your area and you’re coming to further educate yourself in that field.

Only then i would recommend toronto as the sky is the limit there and you have a lot of opportunities number nine belle valley college fifteen thousand dollars a year the biggest advantage of bbc is its location it’s right in downtown calgary which will allow you to find job opportunities which will allow you to again make more money compared to other places because calgary and alberta in general is known to pay more for any kind of job you do compared to other parts of canada and alberta itself is really open in terms of immigration so it shouldn’t be difficult for you to get pr after graduation especially if you work and establish those connections at the college where you go especially if you take like a business program i highly recommend engaging with people as much as you can to get pr after graduation and then the perks do not end here also calgary alberta is one of the best cities for newcomers for its affordability.

I even included calgary in my top five best cities for newcomers video you can check it out if you click up here after you finish watching this video i found this two bedroom for just one thousand fifty dollars a month if you share it with only one person it comes down to only five hundred dollars a month each honestly from my perspective i live in halifax it’s really hard to find something in that price range number eight canadore college fourteen thousand five hundred dollars a year this college i think is at the forefront of education as it offers a lot of programs that are not currently offered many other institutions in canada and other countries and since this college is located outside of toronto it’s about a four-hour drive from there it’s much more affordable to find something to rent for example this two-bedroom apartment is only thirteen hundred fifty dollars a month if you split that it’s about seven hundred each if you have just one house made if it’s more of course it’s much cheaper even though the location is pretty affordable it’s still ontario which is pretty challenging to get pr number seven red river college 14 and a half thousand dollars a year this college is a good option as it’s located in winnipeg which is the biggest city in manitoba so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a job after graduation and get pr as manitoba is one of the only provinces that counts your work experience during studies towards your pr application so it should be the fastest pathway to pr pretty much and the cost of living is pretty affordable if you ran something like this it would be just one thousand dollars a month and if you split that of course this two bedroom will be even cheaper.

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