Top evergreen cryptos to HODL in 2022

The cryptocurrency market has been gaining worldwide attention. This new decentralized digital money concept came with the inception of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency that became operational on 3rd January 2009. Today, it has achieved global status and is gaining everyone’s attention. Earlier it was Bitcoin that became the top choice for investors. But now it is not like that. Today, there are more competitors in the crypto markets. And this creates confusion among the investors in choosing which cryptocurrency for investment. So to help you out, we have come up with the top 5 evergreen cryptos that you can HODL in 2022. 

Which are those top evergreen cryptos in 2022?

Below are some of the best evergreen cryptos you can HODL in the current year.


Polkadot is one such cryptocurrency that makes the best choice for you. And there are reasons for this. Polkadot has the advantage of connectivity with diverse blockchain networks. Because of this, there are numerous projects which are made on the Polkadot ecosystem. The current price of DOT is $9.41.


Tether ranks top in the category of stablecoins. It is especially for those investors who do not want to take risks. In comparison to other cryptocurrencies, Tether’s value seems more consistent. Now it is not the only Bitcoin becoming a top choice among the investors, Tether has also proved its worth in being considered. Being a stablecoin, it is less vulnerable to market volatility. Current price: $0.9992. It is the best cryptocurrency to HODL in 2022. 

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is a cryptocurrency that is supported by a community. This crypto prides itself on assuring security and has the advanced characteristics of the Ethereum ecosystem. Currently, SHIB is known to have experienced growth during 2021. Hence, this shows its potential for the future. Current price: $0.0000108.


No matter if the price of Bitcoin is below $29,688.49, we still cannot oust it from the list of evergreen cryptocurrencies. You can still make choices with Bitcoin and can HODL it in 2022. Do not forget the fact that the crypto market is uncertain, the prices of cryptocurrency can swing up or down at any time. Experts are even expecting Bitcoin might reach $100K. 


Solana has gained attention with its functioning with a mix of PoS (proof of stake)and PoH (proof of history) techniques. This crypto has gained huge returns from investors. Solana also plays an important role in smart contracts, Defi, and DApps. 

Other cryptocurrencies to refer to for HODLing


Dogecoin begins its journey as a crypto meme joke poking fun at Bitcoin. But it was hardly expected that this altcoin would be ranked among the top cryptocurrencies. DOGE came nine years ago and journeyed further. Through the years, this altcoin has evolved into the leading crypto in the cryptocurrency market. Big companies like SpaceX, Dallas Mavericks, and Kronos trust DOGE and it is the proof of its being valued. Current price: $0.0818.

Binance Coin

Like cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, BNB, its native cryptocurrency has also gained attention in the world. It was launched by Binance itself. In a very short time, Binance Coin has risen from being just for trading on its native exchange, Binance. BNB has expanded in being used for booking travel arrangements. Adding to it, the value has crossed expectations proving it worth being invested in. 


Ethereum comes as the second-most largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. This alternate coin has caught attention for several reasons including smart contacts that act according to conditions, and potential applications. Current price: $1,771.85.


Cardano also comes as the potential cryptocurrency to HODL in 2022. Its value has grown with time. Two big reasons define the growth of Cardano. These are lessening the time of transactions and another is minimum consumption of energy. Current price: $0.5595.


Ripple also joins the list of cryptocurrencies to HODL in 2022. Most are confused between Ripple and XRP. Well, the former is a company behind its native cryptocurrency, XRP. When it comes to transaction speed, then XRP excels over Bitcoin. Where the latter takes minutes in confirming the transactions, Ripple cryptocurrency takes very little time with minor cost. 

This crypto is known to facilitate crypto trading platforms of different types of currencies. This includes fiat money and other big cryptos. And this is the main reason that defines its popularity. So investing in Ripple (XRP) is a good deal to go with. 

Final words

So these are some of the evergreen cryptocurrencies you can buy and HODL in 2022. Now Bitcoin does not remain the only choice among the investors. There are top competitors in the crypto market now including Ethereum, Cardano, Ripple, Solana, Tether, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and Polkadot. To know about their price predictions for the coming years, log on to the leading crypto website, Cryptoknowmics. It is the best guide for all crypto enthusiasts. 

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