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Top 10 Beauty Blogs You Should Read

Beauty bloggers and YouTubers are a dime a dozen, but what makes each person different? Today we will discuss the 10 best beauty blogs for you to subscribe to so that you can stay up to date on the latest trends and reviews.

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Lipstick and Brunch

This beauty blog by a mother and daughter duo is all about makeup, hair, fashion, lifestyle and motherhood.

The blog is called Lipstick and Brunch because the two ladies behind it love to dress up for their Instagram photos as much as they like to eat brunch.

Makeup Savvy

Makeup Savvy is a beauty blog written by a woman called Michelle Phan. Michelle Phan has over 15 million subscribers, and she has a line of products called em Michelle Phan. She also has a makeup line called em Michelle Phan.

Beauty and the Mist

All of this is to say that Beauty and the Mist is a must-read for anyone who’s ever wanted to learn more about the world of beauty blogging. The blog covers everything from new products and trends, to reviews of old favorites, giving you a comprehensive look at the industry. It also includes tons of helpful tips on how to find what works best for your own unique skin type and tone.

The blog isn’t just informative—it’s fun too! The author has a signature sense of humor that comes through in all her posts, making them easy reads even if they’re not exactly lighthearted (the “favorites” section could easily be titled “products I love but can’t afford”).
If you want to see what it takes to make it big in the beauty biz, or just want a little help finding new ways to keep your skin healthy without breaking the bank—then this is definitely one blog you’ll want follow!

Lulu’s Makeup

Lulu’s Makeup is a popular beauty blog that has been around for a while. She has videos, tutorials and tips on makeup and skincare. Lulu also has a lot of tips for specific products that you can use to look your best.

The Beauty Department

The Beauty Department blogger Laura Lee is a beauty vlogger and YouTuber. She has an impressive makeup collection, which she showcases on her channel, as well as several products from her own line. Her brand features everything from skincare to fragrance.

Barefoot Blonde

Barefoot Blonde is a beauty and lifestyle blogger from the UK. Her YouTube channel has over 800,000 subscribers, making her one of the biggest beauty influencers on the internet. She also has a popular Instagram account with over 1 million followers where she posts photos of her daily life and tutorials on how to style makeup.

Barefoot Blonde uses YouTube as a platform for sharing her knowledge about everything related to beauty, including makeup tutorials and reviews of products that she loves! She also has her own blog where you can find more detailed information about what products she recommends for certain looks or occasions in your life!

Into The Gloss

Into the Gloss is a beauty blog written by Emily Weiss, who also founded Glossier. The site features product reviews, interviews with beauty experts and editors, and in-depth articles on various aspects of beauty from body hair to skin care. It’s been around since 2010 and has grown into one of the most respected online resources for all things beauty related.

If you want more Into the Gloss content than what’s available on its main website, there are a few other places to check out:

Into The Gloss Daily is a sister site that offers an email newsletter filled with daily tips and tricks for getting gorgeous hair, skin, nails etc. It’s free but requires signing up via email—no Facebook login required!
Their YouTube channel has more than 30 videos exploring topics such as how to choose makeup colors based on your eye color or how many times should you wash your face each day? They also have their own set of FAQ videos that answer common questions about products like foundation or concealer (e.g., “How do I apply liquid concealer?”).

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