This week in Free Fire MAX, learn how to snag the new Azure Stormbringer package and uncommon emotes.

Garena has revived various cosmetics on the Free Fire Name India server in recent weeks, with the Azure Stormbringer and Frost Sabertooth package being the most recent. It’s part of the Rampage Wish event, which also includes the Mythos Four emote and a fist skin, as well as a few other unique goodies.

For gamers searching for new cosmetics, the advent of the Free Fire MAX OB34 update has been very beneficial. While relaunching the incubator and other earlier Rampage-themed goods through Luck Royale, the developers have increased their possibilities within the shop. The event will also be accessible till June 21, 2022.

Azure Stormbringer Bundle and other uncommon Free Fire MAX goodies

The new Rampage Wish event is live on Free Fire MAX’s Indian server, and it allows players to purchase Rampage-themed things from prior years by spending diamonds. In this event, one wish will cost participants 20 diamonds, while a pack of 11 (10+1) will cost them 200 diamonds.

Users will obtain things from the reward pool at random. Furthermore, after customers have received the one-of-a-kind gifts, they will not be available again. As a result, individuals have a better chance of acquiring the thing they want.

The following are the things up for grabs:

  • Prizes that are one of a kind
  • Bundle of Azure Stormbringer
  • Bundle of Mythos FistFrost Sabertooth
  • Four Mythos
  • Backpack Mythos Four

Catastrophe at the End Backpack Stormbringer – Jeep Sabertooth is a monster truck. Fighting or fleeing Divine Retaliation The parachute of the Stormbringer Catastrophe Bringer Disease Pin of the Bringers The Liberian Pin Apocalypse Fox is a pet skin. Banner of the Apocalypse Banner for the Day of Death Avatars of the Plague and Famine Prizes for Infestation Avatars

  • Cube Splinter
  • Voucher for Diamond Royale (Expiry by 31 July 2022)
  • Voucher for Royale Weapons (Expiry by 31 July 2022)
  • Gold Certificate

Apocalypse (M1014) Weapon Loot Crate is a crate that contains weapons. Apocalypse (UMP) Weapon Loot Crate is a crate that contains weapons. Demolitionist Weapon Loot Crate is a crate that contains weapons. Bumblebee Weapon Loot Crate is a crate that contains weapons. Universal Fragment 100x 50x Memory Fragment (Andrew)50x Memory Fragment (Andrew)50x Memory Fragment (Andrew)50x Memory Fragment (And (Kla) Memory Fragment 50x (Wolfrahh) Memory Fragment 50x (Dimitri) Map of Resupply Airdrop Summon Food for Pets

  • Once the web-event interface has loaded, gamers can spend diamonds to create a wish.
  • They can keep going until they have the bundle and the rest of the products they want.

In Free Fire MAX, here’s how to get the most out of Rampage Wish’s prizes.

Users can acquire awards via the event by following the procedures outlined below:

In Free Fire MAX, players must first activate the Rampage Wish event UI. For the time being, they may access it by clicking the go-to button under the news tab.

On its own, each of the artefacts offered during the event is exceedingly uncommon and valuable. However, to obtain the necessary prizes, players may have to pay hundreds or even thousands of diamonds.

This is due to the fact that, unlike a few other luck royales and events, players are not guaranteed a precise set of these within a certain number of wishes. Those having access to large amounts of diamonds can thus take part in the competition.

It’s worth noting that the Dragon Rider animation will almost definitely be allocated to the last spin, meaning Free Fire MAX gamers will have to spend a total of 1082 diamonds to acquire it.

Gamers will acquire the character for free after accumulating 13,500 LINK Progress.

Players should also keep in mind that they can only link one character at a time, albeit they can flip between them. Their progress with a certain character will be stored, allowing them to pick up where they left off at a later time. Players will have to wait for a 24-hour cooling period before making a transfer.

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