Things You Shouldn’t Do After Getting Engaged

Just got engaged? Congratulations! Before you start planning your dream wedding, take a moment to read through this list of things you shouldn’t do after getting engaged. From telling all your Facebook friends to posting tons of photos online, here are some Dos and Don’ts to help make the next few months stress-free. So take some time off, relax, and enjoy this period in your life!

Tell Your Instagram Followers Before Your Granny.

We get it; you’re excited to share your news. Before you start uploading photos of your engagement ring on social media, take a step back and consider who you’re trying to impress. Your granny probably doesn’t care about getting a notification every time you post a new photo, but she would be pretty hurt if she found out you told everyone else before you told her. So take a deep breath, put down your phone, and have a chat with the people who matter to you first.

Try your best to avoid social media altogether during the first few weeks after getting engaged. It’s not worth the trouble or the drama.. Just enjoy this particular time in your life without worrying about what everyone else thinks!

Don’t Over-Promise.

When it comes to wedding planning, you’re likely to receive a lot of inquiries from family and friends. And while it’s tempting to give everyone a detailed update on your progress, try to avoid over-promising. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and say yes to things that you might not be able to deliver on. Take your time and only commit to tasks that you know you can complete.

Arranging a marriage is both time-consuming and enjoyable, but it’s also supposed to be fun. So don’t let the pressure of planning get to you. Bring things one step at a time, and have fun with the journey!

Don’t Rush Into Things.

Just because you’re engaged doesn’t indicate you have to begin preparing for your wedding. It’s probably best to take your time and enjoy being hired for a while before you start thinking about all the details. There’s no rush!

Take your time to enjoy this particular time in your life. Relax, and don’t worry about getting everything done right away. There’s plenty of time to plan your ideal wedding!

Don’t Compare Your Wedding to Others.

When you begin planning your wedding, it’s straightforward to become preoccupied with what everyone else is doing. But resist the urge to compare your marriage to others and focus on what will make you and your fiance happy. After all, this is your day!

So what if you can’t afford the same extravagant wedding that your friend had? That isn’t to suggest you can’t have a lovely, distinctive wedding of your own. Just focus on what’s important to you and your fiance, and don’t worry about keeping up with the Joneses.

Don’t Go Wedding Dress Shopping Without Your Mum.

Wedding dress shopping is a special moment you should share with your mum if she’s available. Not only will she give you her honest opinion on which dress looks best, but she’ll also be able to share in the excitement of the moment. Trust us; it’s a memory you’ll both cherish forever.

However, we understand that not everyone has a close relationship with their mum or that she might not be available to go wedding dress shopping. In that case, it’s lovely to bring along a close friend or family member who can give you their honest opinion. Just make sure you’re not bringing along too many people, as that can get overwhelming quickly!

Don’t Set a Date Until You’ve Talked to Your Parents.

If you’re from a traditional family, it’s essential to discuss your engagement and potential wedding date with your parents before you make any decisions. They might have strong views on when the wedding should occur, and it’s essential to consider their feelings before moving forward.

Of course, this isn’t constantly feasible or necessary. If you have a good relationship with your parents and you’re confident they’ll support your decisions, then go ahead and set a date! 

Moving to a New Country

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There are a few things you should avoid doing after you get engaged, such as rushing into things, comparing your wedding to others, and going dress shopping without your mum. You should also talk to your parents about your engagement and potential wedding date before you set anything in stone.

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