The Ultimate Checklist for Furniture Movers

Once you have made up your mind to relocate to a new area, the challenge is figuring out how to do this. This is harder if you already have furniture. Unlike small items, furniture is heavy and difficult to pack. You have to consider how to move your pieces into a truck with your furniture movers. If the organization is not so proper, you end up with less space, which may mean more trips. This will ultimately cost more money.

Moving is never an easy thing to do. It is even harder for moving furniture pieces. You have to be very careful so that you don’t hurt yourself and avoid damaging any valuables. So what are some things to keep in mind when taking your furniture to a new location? Here is a checklist to use.

1. List All Your Furniture

It is so easy to leave things behind when there is a lot to take. Chances of losing valuables during a move are also high. The best way to prevent this is by listing all the things you want to take to your new house.

Preparing a list also helps you determine which objects are a priority and what to pack first. You can cross out each item when loading and unloading. It is a step you can’t afford to leave out.

2. Measure Doorways

Knowing the measurements of doorways and hallways of your home will help you make a better plan. Do this for your new and current home. It helps you plan how to move furniture. Poor planning can lead to damage to walls and the furniture itself. Ask for measurements for your new place if you are not able to check it by yourself.

3. Gather the Right Equipment

Making work easier requires having the right tools. Firstly, get some straps that are designed to protect your back as you lift heavy objects. You also need to get the right packing material.

This may include bubble wrap and plastic packing fillers for fragile objects. Air-filled bags are perfect for any glass pieces. Also, gather the tools you’ll need to dismantle your furniture. It also makes it easier for you to carry things into a truck. Always have boxes that you will label. Arranging things in boxes after dismantling helps you find everything without struggling and faster.

4. Disassemble Your Furniture

Breaking up your furniture makes it easy to move around. Parts you can disassemble include the legs of couches, tables, and beds. Also remove table tops, especially glass ones, and bed frames. Keep in mind that this step takes the longest and thus requires patience.

Have a special box for all the screws so none of them go missing. Starting early on will save a lot of time. If you are not conversant with this, it is better to ask for help from professionals. They can disassemble and reassemble your furniture as you move into a new place.

5. Load in a Vehicle

Loading is an equally important step. Take your time to make sure nothing breaks in the process. Always start with the biggest and heaviest things first. This helps you create room for other smaller things. Heavy things when loaded last can fail to fit on the truck and even damage the smaller furniture.

Proper loading is another thing that can keep your things safe as you move to a new destination. It is also a great way to save space on a truck. It is easier to squeeze the smaller things once the large ones are in.

Once everything has been loaded into the truck, everything will stay intact as long as the loading was done well. You can always hire a professional to move your furniture. It is faster and more efficient. Only work with experienced and trustworthy furniture movers. Save on expenses by letting the professionals do the entire process of moving your property to a new place for you.


This checklist can help you to do everything right as you move. Following each step carefully will keep you and your furniture safe. Make sure that you tick each of these. If you find this process too stressful, then we can help you. As the best furniture movers in your local area, you will always be in the right hands.

We will take care of the entire process, from disassembling to putting back your furniture together. You can go about your normal daily activities as we take care of this for you. Let us move your things for you at an affordable rate.

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