The most amazing and unique way to express your emotions for your dad

If you want to make someone happy, one of the best things you could do is do send amazing surprises to him or her. Sometimes a surprise gift is the best gift we can ever send to that is a genuine reflection of our affectionate love and care for that person. Sometimes saying, “I care for you” is not sufficient but sending something they need is more effective. If you want to express your emotions towards your dad then words would be less to express such feelings. The best way is to send surprise gifts to dad. You can also send a unique personalized gift for him. Thanks to the genuine efforts of OyeGifts, multiple options of personalized gives are available. Let us explore some of them:

The personalized mug for him-

This is one of the most affectionate gifts you can ever give him. The personalized mug contains the photograph which you will provide at the time of placing the order. You can upload a beautiful image of your family or you with your dad on the coffee mug. He will be reminded of the old memories when he will receive this beautiful gift. Such moments are cherishable.

The personalized cake-

You can also gift him a delicious cake. This cake also has the feature of imprinting the photograph that you will provide while placing the order. This Black forest chocolate cake is in a heart shape. The cherries are decorated on the edges of the heart. Inside the space, the photograph is imprinted. This is one of the beautiful personalized gifts with which you can surprise him.

The cushion-

This is a beautiful cute cushion upon which the tagline of ‘I love you dad’ is mentioned uniquely by using symbols and emojis. The color of the cushion is light blue and the quote is mentioned in black. A beautiful emoji of a heart shape is made upon the cushion in dark blue. This is also a good way to show your affection towards him.

The photo frame-

There is a collection of photo frames joined together to form a big family photo frame. Here you can insert various photographs reflecting different memories which you had spent earlier with him. These gifts activate the lovely memories spent together and the feeling of love and joy. This big photo frame can be kept in almirahs or racks or on the wall.

Also check:

The A4 photo frame-

This is the gift of the modern era. This is just like an ordinary photo frame but when it is switched on then it radiates light and looks like a beautiful lamp that is provides the glow to your photograph that is installed inside it. You can put a beautiful family photograph or your dad’s adventurous photograph inside it. He will be glad to receive this gift.

The cubical lamp-

This is also similar to the photo frame which emits light. The only thing different is that it is in cubical shape and you can get it personalized by insertion of photographs on all the sides of the cube. When did every side emit light and the photographs glow? This is taking you down memory lane and making you relieve the old adventurous memories. It also serves the purpose of a lamp for the night.

‘Dad, my hero’ gift articles-

There are two articles that contain the mentioned tagline. The cushion and the coffee mug both are yellow with this tagline written in bold letters in black. Chocolate is kept inside the coffee mug. This is a wonderful gift for dad.

There are many gifts available for gifting to your dad. You have to place the order from the website and the product will be delivered within hours of the order to anywhere in India.

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