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Stream Now: Terrific YouTube Channels Perfect for Your Child

Skeptical about allowing your kid to navigate YouTube alone and unsupervised?

Well, you are not alone.

Most modern parents do find the idea nothing less than horrendous to permit their kids to explore digital hubs such as YouTube all on their own, which does hold a plethora of content that isn’t exactly kid-friendly in the least.

Nevertheless, YouTube is not all that bad.

And if parents are vigilant over their child’s digital activity, they will find that YouTube is a great place for young minds! One just needs to know what to look for! The video streaming platform has a diverse range of learning and entertaining material that caters to all age groups, genders, and nationalities.

So irrespective of where you live in the world, you will find that YouTube is a wonderful place to be!

Why Do Children Love YouTube?

While the video streaming giant is massively popular among the upcoming young generation, there is a good reason why young children simply love YouTube!

For one, it has simply transformed kids’ entertainment and the entire way children respond to such channels. Whether you have a certain time set for your child or they have full access to kid-friendly content on YouTube, children today have easy access to their favorite content all around the clock!

This convenience that they will be able to watch or stream whenever they like, wherever they like, and as they like, is one solid reason why YouTube is so popular among kids!

Moreover, digital content creators no longer have to go through various filters or tedious surveys to understand the various needs and requirements of young parents. Not only are they fully aware of the latest but they are better in touch with their audiences, who can easily point out when they agree with a piece of content online or when they do not.

The only thing that these young content creators now need to worry about is getting their equipment ready for their video and checking if their current internet connection is fast and stable. If that’s not the case, we suggest getting your hands on these fantastic TDS internet packages that make all digital activity, nothing but a breeze!

Moreover, audiences now have the option to actively present suggestions and criticisms regarding a creator’s work and receive tailored results accordingly. But that’s not just the best part!

The cherry on top is that this ease is not one-sided and the content creator enjoys similar freedom to interact with their target audience to better understand their audience and cater likewise. That has further skyrocketed many content creators into instant fame and glory, making them household names within no time!

However, there are more reasons why YouTube enjoys active popularity amongst young kids, which are listed as follows:

The Freedom to Be Who You Are

One of the things that YouTube got right was allowing its creators the freedom to be who they are. This meant that no matter who you are; all kinds of color, race, religion, socio-economic status, body type, disability, etc. were welcome and celebrated on the channel.

Since we are living in an era where diversity and inclusion are actively promoted, representing all can be slightly tricky if not difficult. This is something that YouTube got right with its platform, giving a strong voice to all those who felt that they were not represented enough or didn’t even start with.

And these are the kind of ethics and morals one wants to inculcate in their offspring to genuinely accept others as they are, instead of being false and hypocritical on the surface.

For each person’s journey varies, and needs to receive its due respect.

The Opportunity to Meet Real People in Real-Time

We live in a world where self-acceptance is quite difficult to grasp. Or even understand for that matter. Especially since as a generation, we are constantly fed by the media to be a certain way to achieve optimal results. But YouTube is one place, where interestingly one will find people who are true to themselves and who enjoy being true to themselves because this authenticity is their bread and butter.

Think about it this way: instead of telling your kid to be like a certain pop star, you have real-life people that they can relate to and be more like. The only difference is that they have put their life on camera so that they can show a bit of reality to their followers.

Which is obviously more entertaining and comes with a loud LOL factor.

The Quick Response that Broke the Mould

YouTube’s greatest power lies in its immediate contact with audiences worldwide. This spectacular phenomenon is not just restricted to U.S. parameters but exceeds beyond as well.

The ability to respond instantly has a terrific effect as content is then always curated according to the response – be it comments or social media – and at lightning speed! This one quality has not been replicated by other mediums as such, until now.

Why not check out some of these fantastic channels that will educate and entertain your kid:

Rosanna Pansino’s YouTube Channel – Nerdy

This is a cooking channel, which is considered simply perfect for young kids. It features plenty of nerdy DIYs that include arts n crafts with baking. Most of the tutorials are theme-based, which means that you will be treated to visual emblems of your favorite games and superheroes!

This YouTube channel is ideal for any kid and caters well to a diverse age group. For more child-safe treat-making activities, try logging on to this fantastic channel.

Hobby Kids Gaming

Are you looking for a child-friendly YouTube channel? If so, then gamer kids are in for a terrific treat for this YouTube channel is all about playing with new toys, enjoying different video games, and going on family adventures!

The gameplay on the YT channel involves some past favorites, such as the Amazing Frog or Mario Odyssey, that’s family-friendly, kid-safe, while zero foul language ranks this channel among the cool YT channels!

Art for Kids

Are your kids fond of drawing and sketching? If so, then they will enjoy exploring this YT channel. Don’t worry, if they are not good at it. This YT sees a family gets together to create and enjoy art.

While most of the video tutorials use a systematic approach, children are taught how to draw simple images like emojis or something as complex as characters from the Pokémon series.

Since a new video is uploaded every day, once you start visiting the channel, you will never want to miss another video on this channel again!

Mother Goose Club

Another YT channel that’s simply ideal for young kids! What makes this channel stand out is that it’s a great learning tool, aimed for preschoolers. Various nursery rhyme classics are uploaded on the channel and come with fun entertaining videos that keep the young ones very very merry all day long!

In addition to the sing-along tunes, the videos are safe and created specifically for this age bracket. Old favorites such as ‘Wheels on the Bus’ have been brought to life via new animation.

This is definitely one of those channels that you don’t want to miss, especially if you have young kids of the target age group at home!

Wrapping Up

YouTube has a plethora of fantastic video content that is wonderful and safe at the same time! Just make sure that parental controls on YouTube are switched on. You can also check if your ISP offers any such feature via their service.

However, if that’s not the case, you can always select a provider, which comes with such relevant features.  Check BuyTVInternetPhone and select an ISP, which is both fast and reliable and comes at a decent price in your location.

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