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You can ship almost anything to Amazon with the help of FBA shipping. Amazon has millions of products to sell, so you can sell just about anything! Picking the right product to sell on the online marketplace is crucial for a profitable sale. Using FBA shipping will boost your visibility and profit. Read on to learn more about the process and customer service. Listed below are some points to consider before selecting an FBA shipping company.

Customer service

The customer support for Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight is a great way to make your shipping experience as seamless as possible. Amazon representatives will always be available to assist you. For example, if you experience a problem with your package, they will take it back for free. In general, the return rate for Amazon is much lower than it is for other marketplaces, and this can be attributed to its carefully curated selection of products.

One of the most useful features of the Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight shipment process is the ability to monitor existing customers’ orders. The system will regularly track repeat customers and will automatically send them items if they buy more than once from a seller. The system also offers a service called the Watch Facility, which will give you important details about lost or delayed loads. In short, it makes it easy for you to track and trace your packages with the customer service for Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight.


When you ship to Amazon, you should be aware of the costs. Amazon requires you to pay a fee for inbound transportation, which covers all partnering shipping, including LTL shipments. You can’t beat their rates, but you should still consider the costs. You can compare the fees to shipping products yourself. And when you ship to Amazon, make sure to follow the rules and regulations to minimize your shipping costs.

One of the most common shipping terms is DDP, but it can quickly add up. You should use less than a truckload unless you have a large shipment. Keep in mind that Amazon has strict pallet requirements for truckload shipments. Ensure you have a freight forwarder who understands these rules. Before shipping to Amazon, label your products and prepare them for pickup. Use UPS or your freight forwarder to provide you with shipping labels.

Pallet size requirements

The pallet size requirements for Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight are strict. The minimum pallet size is 48″ x 48″, but you can use pallets that are wider or longer. Make sure that the pallet is ISPM-15-approved and has a standard width and height. Depending on the product, Amazon may have additional pallet sizes for larger freight. Also, the freight must be secured on a pallet with clear plastic stretch wrap.

Then, you can choose a carrier. Select an Amazon-Partnered Carrier, which will pack your shipment and confirm its details with you. After selecting the carrier, make sure to select an appropriate shipping class and declared value. Once you’ve made a decision, you can then schedule a pickup or delivery appointment with the carrier. Amazon has very strict rules on the size of pallets, so make sure you check them carefully before you order.


The Process of Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight is crucial to the smooth movement of products. This service requires that you label the shipment with the right label. The process splits shipments between FBA warehouses. It requires that you pack your products according to Amazon’s FBA Manual. Additionally, you must consider particular transportation requirements. Amazon has strict rules and guidelines that you must comply with when shipping to them. This article will discuss how to deal with these requirements.

You’ll also be able to see a breakdown of your shipment and the information it contains, including the type, weight, and elevation. You’ll be able to track your customers in the process and even find out the status of their parcels. Amazon FBA Rapid Express Freight also regularly tracks previous customers and doesn’t ask for their addresses if they repeat customers. You can also use this feature to track lost loads.

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