PacMan 30th Anniversary and Nine Other Google Doodles You Can Still Play

In 1998 Google changed the design on their homepage by stylized “Doodle” created to honor the person or event of. These “Google Doodles” as they were referred to were a major part of the experience for users at the very beginning. They didn’t get popular until the release in 2010 of the highly acclaimed Pac-Man 30th anniversary Doodle, the very first Google Doodle that was also an interactive video game.

Since the time, Google has released many Doodles that can be played, all of that can be found on the Google Doodles Archive here. In this list, we’ve chosen a handful of the top Doodle games of the past decade, along with the links to try these games for yourself.

“The Great Ghoul Duel (2018)

The Great Ghoul Duel, Google’s first online multiplayer Doodle was announced in the Halloween season of 2018. The players are divided into two teams of 4 and attempt to gather more “spirit fires” as they can before the time is up. By collecting more flames, players to gain power-ups like speed boosts and magnets. The game also comes with different maps that allow for greater replayability.

Pangolin Love (2017)

Four-part Doodle designed to mark Valentine’s Day 2017, Pangolin Love is a side-scrolling game in which the players control a pangolin that travels in search of its “scaly love interest.” While on the road he gathers kinds of objects and creates gifts that are inspired by four different kinds of pangolin. The Doodle was developed in conjunction together with World Wildlife Fund to draw attention to the illegal trade in pangolins.

Magic Cat Academy (2016)

Google’s Halloween 2016 Doodle lets users in the position of Momo who is a freshman in The Magic Cat Academy. If the academy is invaded by ghosts Momo is required to defend the school through “drawing” spells that are represented by the player drawing various shapes with their cursor. The game features five levels, and each concludes with a final boss fight.

the 245th year of Ludwig Van Beethoven’s year in the 245th year of his career (2015)

In 2015 in 2015, Google Doodle team released a game in 2015. Google Doodle team released a game that was based on puzzles to mark this year’s 2245th year anniversary of Beethoven’s birth. The plot is about Beethoven when he faces a variety of obstacles while traveling to the symphony concert hall and forces him to reconstruct the sheet music of the most famous compositions of his.

Halloween Global Candy Cup (2015)

The first Google interactive Halloween Doodle tasked players around all over the world to collect candy for either of the four teams: Green, Red, Yellow or Blue. Each of these was represented by a similar-colored witch. The team that had the most candy at the end of Halloween 2015 was declared to be to be the winning team in the Global Candy Cup. Although the competition has ended, the game can be played on the internet, and while the controls are easy to master, getting a flawless scoring of 500 points won’t be quite as simple as it appears.

The Pony Express’s 155th Year Anniversary The Pony Express (2015)

To commemorate the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express, Google created the Doodle to honor the horses-mounted mail carriers that helped to make it happen. The players take on the role of one of the horses as they attempt to collect letters on an interactive map that is filled with traps and obstacles. The game was a hit and, while just 100 letters could be taken in a single game over one billion have been collected until now.

The 50th anniversary of Doctor Who (2013)

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the popular TV show Doctor Who, Google debuted a point-and-click adventure game in which the aim is to rescue all six letters of “Google” in the hands of the Daleks who took them away when they played one of eleven Doctors. The game comes with five distinct levels, and is filled with Easter eggs. Furthermore, because the whole game is time-based, players are able to go back and attempt to finish every level faster than they were the previous levels.

Zamboni Doodle (2013)

A game that is centered on an elderly driver driving around in an Ice resurfacer could sound dull however Google has proved it was not by releasing an original Zamboni-themed Doodle that was released in 2013. It was described as “the cold adventure that puts you in the driver’s seat” The Zamboni Doodle challenges players to break through the ice with Arrow keys prior to running out of fuel. Similar to others Doodle games, this one features a variety of unique power-ups as well as obstacles.

2012 Summer Olympics (2012)

Google came out with four distinct interactive Doodles to mark during the 2012 Summer Olympics, each of which is focused on a specific sport. For example, the Basketball Doodle challenges players to shoot as many baskets as they can within 24 seconds, and the Soccer Doodle challenges them to stop as many shots as feasible before they receive 3 “strikes.” In the Hurdles Doodle is about clearing 10 hurdles as quickly as feasible, and the Slalom Canoe Doodle is about the removal of obstacles as quickly as you can while in the canoe.

Pac-Man 30th anniversary (2010)

It was the Google Doodle that started it all with an interactive version of Pac-Man to celebrate the game’s PacMan 30th anniversary was launched in the year the year 2010. It was initially intended to be a single easter eggs, it was revealed that the games favorable feedback prompted Google’s Google team to create additional interactive logos. It was estimated that the Doodle was believed to be used by more than a billion people in the initial 3 days.

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