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How to Hang Curtains From The Ceiling

There are many things you can do to personalize your decor, but how you hang curtains might be the easiest of them all. It requires less effort and minimum time. You can easily hang 108 inch curtains from the ceiling. And when deciding where to hang them, height is important as well due to the effect it will have on the space in your room. So, ceiling is the ideal choice. Many people usually just hang their curtains a few inches above the window. But that is a common and boring idea now. In most of the cases, when you hang your curtains from the top, they give a much more elegant look.

Height Of Your Roof

Some people recommend hanging your curtains from the ceiling if you have standard height ceilings. Honestly, it depends totally on how you want to style the curtains but if you have low roofs, it is best to go with the standard way of hanging them. A few inches above the window. For hanging from the ceiling, measure the length of the roof and take just 6 inches from it to install the rod. Remember to leave a few inches from the roof because attaching directly from the very corner gives a bad impression.

Buying Curtains That Are Longer

When you decide to hang curtains from the ceiling, make sure the reach the floor. Those 108 inch curtains can be perfect for you if you measure the dimensions from both sides correctly. Reaching the floor does not mean that the curtains drag on the floor. Give them a few inches space from the floor too. They should be perfectly positioned and not tilted at all or it looks extremely unsettling. If you have a carpeted or wooden floor, you can even let your curtains form a little puddle on the floor. It looks traditional and gives a mature look in a dining room or lounge. For rooms that are used too often and might have lots of dust, keep the curtains above your floor so they do not get dirty.

Hiring a Professional or Using The Right Tools

If you do not have the right tools or enough help around you, you might as well consider hiring an expert for this job. Even the slightest bit of uneven installation of a curtain is extremely noticeable. Anyone can tell that a poor job has been done in that regard. Professionals use lots of measuring and tools to get the line as straight as possible. Hanging it perfectly high on the ceiling can be a tough task and might require you some time. However, if you decide to hang it just a few inches above the window, it is the easiest thing to do. Even then, remember to ask someone for tips and use the right tools to avoid making any sort of mistakes. Because redoing the installation of a rod can create lots on holes on the wall.

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