How to draw Buddha

How to draw Buddha. Draw a superb Buddha with drawing instructions and an easy tutorial and step by step. Who is Buddha? Is it just a chubby statue that you see in some restaurants? It was a real person. He was born between the 600s and 400 BC. In what is now Nepal? The term “Buddha” is not a name. It is a title that means “awake”; His real name was Gautama. He traveled through Asia, looking for enlightenment and the meaning of life. His disciples continued to disseminate his teachings, which has become the religion known as Buddhism.

Today, Buddha statues are found around the world. The major statues occupy temples in Japan and other Asian countries. While people moved around the world, they brought their traditions with them. You could now find small portable statues of Buddha in any country in the world – even for sale in a local store. Do you want to draw Buddha? This simple step-by-step drawing tutorial is designed to help you do exactly that, using simple shapes and lines.

Drawing Buddha

Step 1:

Start by drawing an oval. It will help you shape the top of the head of the Buddha.

Step 2:

Under the oval, enclose another ovular form using a long curved line. It forms the lower part of the Buddha’s face.

Step 3:

Clear in the hair of the Buddha. To do this, draw short and curved lines connecting the exterior of the ovular forms by annoying the area where the two ovals met. Then draw a long curved line connecting these two points inside the figure. Note that the line is loosely forming like the letter “M.”

Step 4:

Draw the bun of hair at the top of Buddha’s skull. Use the mainline to possess an oval figure fading after the lid of the head.

Step 5:

Draw the ears. Lock the ears with a set of curved lines overlapping. Erase the guidelines if necessary. In the ear enclose a form of a little tear.

Step 6:

Detail and texture hair. Do it by drawing small circles of different sizes. According to some legends, this texture is not at all hair but tiny snails that cover the head of the Buddha to keep it cool while it meditates under the hot sun.

Step 7:

Spread two curved lines down the head, forming the neck. Note how the lines bend outside in opposite directions. Detail the outline of the throat using a short curve line.

Step 8:

How to draw Buddha

Draw the face of the Buddha. Okard two thick and curved shapes to form the eyebrows. Under the eyebrows, enclose each eyelid using two curved lines. Wide shade the baseline. Grow a couple of lines to form the nose and finish the shape utilizing two curved lines. Use three mainlines to retain the lips and another small curved line beneath the mouth to add deep to the chin.

Step 9:

How to draw Buddha

Color the Buddha. Buddha statues can be made of shiny gold, or they can be in stone – gray, brown, or even covered with green foam.

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