How to Download YouTube vids

YouTubers upload hundreds of hours of footage every nanosecond. What if you want to download it? In some circles, that is considered a big no- no, but you have your reasons, right? Then is how.

VLC Media Player

We mention VLC Media Player( Opens in a new window) above because it’s a fantastic tool for Windows, Mac, and Linux druggies that plays back just about any media ever created. It also has the capability to download YouTube vids, albeit in a sophisticatedway.However, try a fullre-install of VLC and clear your cache to make it work,( If you run into any problems.)

Copy a URL from a YouTube videotape, also open up VLC. From the Media menu, elect Open Network Stream( Ctrl N) and paste in the URL. Click Play. When the videotape is playing, go to Tools> Codec Information. There’s a box at the bottom called” Source” — copy the URL you find in that box.
Go back to your cybersurfer and bury the URL — it’s a temporary web address and will expire ultimately — by the address bar and start playing the videotape. When you are viewing the videotape in the cybersurfer, click the 3- fleck menu at the lower right for the download option to keep it locally.

still, it appears that VLC is only going to save your train as 1080p and not any advanced, indeed if the original YouTube sluice was available in 1440p or 2160p( aka 4K). It also will not convert videotape to other formats. To get those options, you need the desktop software below.

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4K videotape Downloader

Multi-lingual 4K videotape Downloader( Opens in a new window)( 4KVD) is constantly streamlined and features clear download links on the program’s website; no announcement traps then. The software does what it advertises in a simple interface. It grabs vids up to 8K in quality and downloads to plenitude of formats. Simply copy a YouTube URL and click the Paste Link button to get started.

4KVD will indeed snare mottoes , entire playlists, and all the vids in a channel to which you subscribe. The spots supported are limited to the big names like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and a many others, but that covers utmost of what you need. It does display a large banner announcement to keep the lights on and you are limited to 30 downloads a day on the free interpretation.

I had to make a switch from MP4 to MKV format to get my test videotape to download in 4K. 4KVD snared the 3- nanosecond,229.7 MB train for the movie caravan in about 1 nanosecond and 20 seconds. 4KVD defaults back to 1080p HD, so I made the same switch when downloading an Ultra High Definition( 8K) playlist( Opens in a new window).

Still, 4KVD can perform one- click downloads to your favorite format, If you enable the Smart Mode and itspresets.However, that requires the paid interpretation, If you want to download further than 25 vids at a time or subscribe to YouTube channels to incontinently download the rearmost. Playback of the performing MKV lines via VLC Media Player was indefectible.

The program itself has an option to prize audio to MP3 format, so you do not indeed need the 4K YouTube to MP3( Opens in a new window) companion software.

VideoProc Converter

The important VideoProc from Digiarty comes in an editor edition and this motor( Opens in a new window), which also provides editing and goods. The downloading aspect is great, a interpretation analogous to Digiarty’s WinX YouTube Downloader, which you can still find but isn’t promoted by the company these days. This makes sense, as VideoProc Converter handles a lot of downloading, apparently supporting 4K from over websites. With tackle acceleration( Opens in a new window), it promises some speed. Thankfully, it constantly offers price abatements.

To use it, you open the software, let it descry your tackle to see what you have to help with acceleration( if anything). Click the Downloader button, click Add videotape to place as numerous URLs as you want to batch, and also Download Now. Or you can get a whole YouTube playlist or live sluice. It seized our 697 MB test 4K videotape( Opens in a new window) to WEBM format in about 2 twinkles and 15 seconds, which is not bad. Stylish of all, the trial interpretation of VideoProc Converter, which limits transformations to 5 twinkles, does not appear to limit downloads.

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