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How long for plants to recover from overwatering?

Cannabis is a plant that has been produced for more than 12,000 years now. Humans utilize its seeds, leaves, stems to make medicine, food, fiber, fuel, and religious purposes. In the southwest Himalayas and Central Asia, cannabis was first grown about 20 to 30 millions year ago. 

In the accounts of cannabis, it is also said that it was developed in Ancient China. The Ancient King and head of the Chinese Medication gave rise to “Liberator of Sin,” which is known as a tremendous vegetative medication. His teaching and tradition have been passed to the new generation and expanded over hundreds of medical conditions. 

What will happen if you put too much water in your cannabis?

People, even I love growing marijuana but they forget to focus . Cannabis plants consist of 90% water, and the substance required during the vital physiological process is photosynthesis and transpiration. Overwatering will cause suffocation to the roots, and it is one of the top reasons for the death of a plant. Even for an experienced gardener to know what’s happening inside the soil. 

A plant grows constantly, and the climate may rise up or down, so the need for water for plants also changes continuously. Unfortunately, giving too much water to a plant is as harmful as not enough. 

Make a schedule for watering and increase the water quantity as they get bigger. When a plant matures, nature becomes hot and dehydrated; the plant will require enormous water and airflow. 

Vaporization takes place on the ground when the leaf of a plant gets more prominent. The internal respiration method is activated by warmness, and the developed humidity of soil blows away. When a plant is not treated for 7 to 10 days, root rot will kill the plant.

Check if your plant is overwatered?

The first thing you will notice is leaves getting yellowish or drooping of new leaves. If the problem continues, root rot may expand, you may also detect black spots with mushy texture on the stem of the plant. Mold or algae can also be seen on the soil surface. Extra watered plants can be treated if you identify the problem sooner, better the chances of saving the plant.

The solution to fix an overwatered plant.

The best thing you can do to save an overwatered plant is to give them time between watering and then start off watering until things get back to normal. Make sure the water is easily able to drain out of the bottom of the plant’s pot. Be extra careful with small plants that are kept in a big container.

How to water Cannabis plants properly?

  1. Wait until the topsoil is dry about an inch deep.
  2. Pour water until you see at least 20% extra runoff water drained out of the pot’s bottom.
  3. Moreover, If the growing medium will stay wet for a long time, you need to give your plants less water at a time, or you may also improve the drainage system of the pot.
  4. The goal is to keep watering your plants every 2-3 days. If it needs a longer time to dry out, give less water to it at a time. If it’s drying quickly, provide more water at a time or shift your plant to a bigger pot. 

Conclusively, if you love growing marijuana like me, then taking care of it is crucial too. So, follow the following steps and don’t overwater your plant. 

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