Forget the Paddle; Play These 6 Exciting Water Games with Your Puppy

Who said water games are challenging and always involve risk?

Well, it doesn’t have to be with every water game and every time. There are fun water games beyond the doggy paddle that you can explore with your dog. Whether or not it is summer, you can play with your dog in a shallow pool or lake, depending on your puppy’s preferences, health, and weather conditions.

Cooling off by playing in the water with your four-legged companion is a great idea, especially on hot days. The dry days can make your pup want to go near water and take a few cool dips, but consider being prepared with pet insurance because hot weather can invite various health troubles like dehydration, heatstroke, and seizures.

If you haven’t bought a policy already, start by inquiring about pet insurance cost quickly online. After that, you can weigh different pet plans, assess your canine fur baby’s health needs and your budget to sign up for the best fit policy for your pup. Meanwhile, read this article to learn some impressive water games you can play with your puppy that involve no paddle.

1. Water fetch

What is better than a good game of fetch played in water? Pick that floating ball and take the game to the outdoor pool; suppose you don’t have a water-safe toy, buy some floating dog toys. It is advisable to start slow and in shallow waters for your furry friend’s safety.

2. Fishing poles

Fishing poles or flirt sticks are fun gaming equipment you can use while at the lake. At the end of these poles, a fun toy is attached that your doggo swimming in the lake needs to catch. This game provides an opportunity for your puppy to splash some water cheerfully.

3. Deep diving

If your dog is a fabulous swimmer, loves being underwater, and retrieves amazing things lying on the lake bed, consider adding deeper diving to the water gaming list. Throw a sinking toy from the dock and ask your canine pal to jump off, dive, and fetch it. Practice and play only in shallow waters to ensure your fur baby’s safety and security.

4. Lake frisbee

Ok, your puppy has mastered catching a ball in the pool? Well done! Catching a frisbee can be a little more challenging because of the trajectory, but it is not impossible for your pet pooch. If your fur baby is already an expert frisbee player on the land, then shift the game to the beach. Don’t buy a hard plastic frisbee that can damage your puppy’s teeth. Look for soft flying discs that can be rolled and focus on short throws keeping your fur baby’s well being in mind.

5. Command based games

You can try this in the pool or at the beach. Ask your dog to sit at the water’s edge when you say “Stay” and then have your pet come to you when you command with the word “Come”. At every successful attempt, shower your puppy with lots of praise and treats.

6. Swim tag

This is quite an entertaining game. Call your puppy’s name and then swim away a bit; let your puppy swim a considerable distance towards you. Repeat these actions in a loop, so your puppy follows you in the pool or lake. One word of caution, though, stop the game if your puppy shows signs of exhaustion during the play chase.

Any game played must be fun and enriching. When the game tips towards the “Should I even play?” zone, it is best to take a break or simply halt the game. Fur babies can get tired before you realize it, so keep monitoring their energy levels by paying attention to their gestures, expressions, and will to play.

Pet insurance helps bail out your furry little friend during distressing health scenarios by supporting it with superior medical care. The pet insurance cost can be much less than hefty vet bills you may have to pay during non routine vet visits for emergencies, illnesses and more, which is why you should consider buying a policy. 

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