How Your Eyebrows Could Make You More Attractive?

Our unique features are just as individual as our opinions. Even though you may think your mouth is too small or your thighs too large, potential partners may find their hearts drawn to your proportions. While beauty can be subjective, science continues to uncover more appealing traits that are often considered attractive. As it turns, the trend of pencil-thin brows from the 1990s may not be coming back. 

Research by Oakland University in Michigan revealed that thicker eyebrows made by women were preferred over thinner ones. The study’s senior author, Dr. Lisa Welling said that thinner eyebrows were more attractive in female faces. She stated, “Thinker eyebrows are preferred in female faces.” This preference may also reflect current fashion trends. No matter the reason, this trait seems especially desirable in a long term relationship such as marriage.

Eyebrows Move Moisture Away From Eyes and Help Identify People

The delicate, curled hairs located above our eyes help to keep our vision clear by channeling unwanted moisture (rain and sweat in particular) away from our eyes. The shape of the hairs makes it easier to allow moisture to flow along the side of our heads, instead of around our eyes. They protect the eyes from light and filter out dirt and dust.

Experts also believe that eyebrows play a crucial role in human communication. Eyebrows can exaggerate emotion such as anger, surprise, or happiness. A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study found that brows might be a more recognizable indicator of identity than the eyes. Hair loss in the eyebrows can result from certain hormonal imbalances or autoimmune diseases like hypothyroidism or lupus.

What could be used to replace your eyebrows

The Power of the Brow Is In Fashion

Welling is right to point out that beauty standards are subject to fashion trends. Men could be more tuned than they think. Eyebrows have had a moment for quite some time. USA Today devotes a whole article about the “power eyebrow” and how celebrities like Cara Delavigne popularized thicker eyebrows. The trend for bushier eyebrows is not only trendy, but it may also reflect our personality. 

Justin Mogilski, coauthor of Frontiers in Psychology research on attractiveness of eyebrows, and other traits has a theory. According to Justin Mogilski’s theory, eyebrows might reveal more about someone than we previously thought. He says that eyebrows could indicate more than just sexual behavior. “Our data suggests people are drawing more information about a person’s eyebrows that was previously documented.”

If you want a more defined appearance, tweezing your brows is a good option. Beauty is subjective. If you don’t want to bother with the pluck-and wax upkeep, then give the power-brow a shot. You might be the envy of everyone. You might be missing out on essential fatty acids if your eyebrows are thinned. According to Dermatology Practical and Conceptual research, hair loss can also be due to nutritional deficiencies. People who are deficient in fatty acid may experience thin eyebrows and hair loss. 

Alopecia may be caused by a shortage of biotin. Hair loss can also occur if you don’t have enough protein. Zinc or selenium can also cause hair loss. Iron is vital as well. Don’t be surprised to see hair grow elsewhere if you take hair-growth supplements. 

Corina Cristler, a clinical nutritionist explained to well good, that it is not a treatment for just the scalp. Hair-growth supplements will affect all hairs follicles on the head, neck, and legs. However, it’s not going to make you suddenly have a beard. She elaborated further by saying that “facial hair not existing” can only occur if your hormones go out of whack or testosterone is increased.

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