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Different Ways to Make your Bathroom Look More Fashionable

Oftentimes when it comes to decorating, the focus usually remains on the main rooms of the house, and bathrooms become those leftovers that people usually forget about over time. But what people usually do not know is that there is no point in having a fully decorated house if your bathrooms do not cut the mark as well. No one wants to build fascination by your house only to let it have an abrupt end by entering an underwhelming bathroom. Hence, here is a short guide to help you make your bathrooms compete with the rest of the house as well.

Select a Color Theme

Selecting a color theme can be quite tricky for your bathroom. It is often dependent on its infrastructure and the final look you want to achieve out of it; whether you want light colors to make it look more spacious, or darker colors to make it look more royal. Another thing you might want to keep in mind is coordinating the color theme with the colors of the adjacent bedroom, especially if the bathroom connects to that bedroom. You can follow the same theme as the bedroom or you can even go into a completely different direction and have contrasting colors.

Upgrade the Lights

The next thing you would want to work on is the lighting in your bathroom. Just because it’s a smaller room than your bedroom or living room, it doesn’t mean it can’t have its own false ceiling with good light designs. False ceilings can immediately uplift the overall image of the whole room. Another thing you can do is make the color of the lights a bit dramatic. Instead of using glaring white lights, you can use dimmer yellow lights to set a more formal vibe. 

Make Your Vanity Fancy

Your bathroom vanity is the first thing that everyone sees– it’s the center of attention of the whole room so you would want it to look accordingly. Try to get the bathroom sink as fashionable as you can according to your style– it can be a plain bowl-shaped sink, or an oval shaped one, or even regular rectangular ones. You can even add cabinets underneath it for efficient storage purposes without having all of your things lying unorganized. Furthermore, you can custom design your soap trays, toothbrush pots into newer ones or can even make them a joined part of the sink. Another way to significantly improve the image of your bathroom is by upgrading your vanity mirror. It can instantly change the whole look of the bathroom. You can go with circular or oval mirrors, or to even make it chicer, you can get an asymmetrical mirror. To take it even a step further, you can decorate it by putting LED lights on its outlines.

Upgrade Other Accessories

You would also want to upgrade the rest of your bathroom accessories such as towel racks, shower curtains, etc to complete the look. You can even get different storage cabinets or bags to keep your makeup or other maintenance products organized.

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