Custom Flip Top Boxes

Custom flip top boxes are design with a unique shape and top lid for packing multiple items. To get the desired shape and design, you need a packaging company with extensive experience and expertise in manufacturing and design. Emenac Packaging uses the latest folding, glueing, and die-cutting techniques to create these boxes. We have extensive experience in packaging and can provide you with the most effective solution to your packaging needs. If you are looking for an excellent packaging solution for your products, consider custom flip top boxes.

Printed on corrugated cardboard

Printed on corrugated cardboard is an effective way to enhance the look of custom flip top boxes. Many companies opt for this method as it allows them to create eye-catching boxes with high quality print. The process involves a number of steps and different methods depend on your specific needs and budget. You can choose between two methods: pre-printing and direct printing. Here are the advantages of both methods.

Corrugated cardboard is also use for roll end boxes. These boxes feature a unique fastening mechanism. A hinged piece of cardboard covers the opening and then secures into the top and sides of the box. As these boxes are highly efficient, they are also environmentally friendly. Printed on corrugated cardboard for custom flip top boxes involves full-color printing on the corrugated box. To create a professional-looking flip top box, it is important to make sure that your box is design correctly.

Printed on rigid stock

If you have a product that is prone to bending, it is crucial to use a durable and attractive box to promote it. Rigid boxes are durable and do not bend easily, which makes them a good choice for transporting and storing products. Custom rigid boxes are also a good choice for retail purposes, as they do not need massive machinery or assembly. In addition, they are stronger and last longer than other types of packaging. When they are print correctly, they can be an excellent investment that will boost your product’s value and showcase it to your customers.

There are different features and finishes available when printing on rigid boxes, such as glossy or non-shiny lamination. The finish can be matte or soft, or it can be completely opaque. Aside from the printing process, rigid boxes are also available with different finishing and coating options. The type of lamination used will depend on the nature of the product. Custom rigid boxes are also available with die-cut window panels to showcase the product inside.

Printed on boxes board

There are several reasons to choose Boxes Board for your Custom Flip Top Boxes. These boxes offer excellent protection and a feeling of quality. They are durable and easy to handle, making them perfect for product presentation. In addition, these boxes are highly customizable and can be easily customiz to meet your business needs. The best part is that they are customizable and come with a free template to help you get start on the right foot. You can choose to have a variety of customization options, including informational or retail ready designs.

You can choose from a variety of custom finishes, including embossing and gold foiling. Bux board boxes can also be print with ribbons or bows, adding additional appeal to your custom packaging. You can even choose from an endless range of colors and designs to match the rest of your packaging needs. Depending on the size of your order, you can choose from different color options, and we can also customize the packaging to fit your budget and style requirements.

Print on silk

Print on silk for custom flip top boxes is a good choice for high-end gift packaging. Print on silk means your box will be smooth and glossy. The material is suitable for a variety of products including jewellery, cosmetics, and more. The boxes can also be use for other uses as well, such as wedding candy or other products. You can choose a color for your box that matches your wedding theme color.

A custom flip top box is an excellent choice for luxury brands, since it guarantees that your products will be safe in transit. It also features a convenient top lid for easy opening and unpackaging. The custom flip top box also comes with a magnetic closure, which adds an extra touch of security and glamor to your packaging. This design makes your products look better and leaves a good impression on your customer’s mind.

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