Complete Guide To Use Android Root PC

If you would like to get the whole control of your Android device or access with the power of a superuser on the Android operating system beyond the restrictions of the manufacturer company? So what would you do? There is progress called Android root pc. So you do not get any worries without hearing this word ever. From up to this we are always ready to provide a complete guide to using Android Root PC.

A brief idea about Android Root PC

Android operating system device lovers are most welcome to these items because of the smarter, cheaper, handy to carry, loveable to see, and various reasons. At the same time, most technical power people like to advance their devices with advanced features. It is not a matter, the reason is there is a method called android root pc. Root android pc is the type of rooting for all android smartphones, tablets, or phablets to unlock the blocked features behind the limitations of the companies. Normally android users can not access the administrative permissions. However, if you like to get administrative permissions on your android system, the Android root pc is the method that allows the android user to get rid of android rights on the android system.

For the Android root PC, we want a trustable, valuable, and powerful tool to access the system as a superuser. Then only you can root your android system beyond restrictions imposed on the company? So are you ready with that android root pc tool for downloading?

Come on. It is called root genius which is the most powerful tool for rooting the operating system of Android devices.

What is Root Genius?

Root genius is the ideal android root pc software tool that allows the admin powers to all smart mobile phones, tablets, or phablets device users. It approaches the interface toward the one clicking to complete the whole rooting process. Also, it is free to start the download process until the end. So now you can start the rooting process with the great tool introduced by the shuame team. Root genius is designed for mainly mobile platforms and computer platforms. Therefore you can select any platform that you prefer.

Why do we select the android root pc rooting tool as best?

For the process of rooting, there are lots of tools in the rooting market such as towel root, frama root, king root, kingo root, I root,v root,360 roots,superSU, etc. But we always recommend root genius as an android root pc for free software that is the most trustable and powerful in the world for android operating system devices. Root genius is the best-rated rooting tool with more functionality than another rooting tool. As an example, this tool is the one-click tool in the market. So it is easy to root the android devices with one click on the software. But in some other rooting tools there are lots of long steps to root the android smartphones, tablets, or phablets. This is not like so you can root android with pc free download.

Most of the rooting tools are only available on mobile platforms but root genius is complicated with both pc platforms and mobile platforms. Therefore the android user whose phone does not work suddenly/can touch up the personal computer or laptop. So you do not depend on the smart mobile phone always to root the function for enjoying with features. And some rooting tools need always need a stable active connection but here it does not need an active internet connection for rooting.

Thus considering these facts you can come to the point that Root genius is the best for pc.

The latest version of the android root PC software

Android root pc software is powerful in rooting so it is upgraded with the latest features with the latest functions. Therefore you must try the latest version for the rooting that will help you to get the admin powers easily.

  • Root Genius – v2.2.86 – The Latest Version!
  • Root Genius – v2.2.84
  • Root Genius – v2.2.83
  • Root Genius – v2.2.82
  • Root Genius – v1.6.73
  • Root Genius – v1.6.69
  • Root Genius – v1.6.64
  • Root Genius – v1.4.55
  • Root Genius – v1.4.51
  • Root Genius – v1.3.48
  • Root Genius – v1.3.47
  • Root Genius – v1.1.33
  • Root Genius – v1.0.23

Download Root Genius App

  • Go to the official website for getting the android root pc tool as Root Genius
  • Download and install the application to the personal computer
  • Before downloading enable the USB debugging from the settings of your device
  • Now you must connect the USB cable to a personal computer or laptop in a proper way
  • Then the android root pc for free application will detect your android device
  • Here you have to agree on the terms and policies before reading the task
  • Tap the downloaded app and start the installation
  • After the installation is done launch the app and click it “root on” button to root the android device
  • After completing the process check it by the root checker that appears in the google play store Features of the root Genius 
  • It is free to root android with pc without paying the money
  • Root genius is the one clicking that can root android devices with one just click
  • Android root pc not only complicated with mobile but also comes with personal computer or laptops
  • You have a simple short process to root the Android operating system devices which are smart mobile phones, tablets, or phablets
  • Root genius is designed with a user-friendly interface. Therefore every android user can understand the software very easily

Compatibility with the Android root pc

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows XP 
  • Windows vista

Rooting is the process that all tech-minded people love to enroll the android smartphones, tablets, or phablets for taking full control of the device hand. Therefore this is the best method for rooting given by the expert team called shuame. All thanks go to the team to give this opportunity very perfectly.

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