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Cheap ways to revamp your room on a budget

Tired of your boring room? Maybe it’s time to spice things up a little bit. There are countless ways to make your room look completely new. However, you may have a bit of a budget constraint, especially if you are a broke college student, struggling to make ends meet.

Never fear though! There are hundreds of ideas to revamp your bedroom on a budget and make it look expensive and classy at the same time. Here are a few cool things you can get for your bedroom to make it new:

Upgrade your hardware

When you can’t afford new hardware, it’s time to switch up the existing one. A fresh coat of paint and a new set of knobs can do wonders for your existing furniture especially if it is already of good quality.

A new set of knobs can completely change the look of a piece of furniture. For example, painting a dresser white and adding chic metallic knobs is gonna give off a minimalistic vibe. On the other hand, if you paint the same dresser mahogany brown and add antique bronze knobs, it’s going to look vintage.

The whole point is you really can control your hardware’s appearance by choosing the correct colors and matching knobs.

Invest in new bedding

The bed is the star of the bedroom. In most bedrooms, the bed is located in the center of the room and thus is the first thing your eyes fall on when you enter the room. The first impression is the last so take complete advantage of this by updating your bedding.

Buy a new blanket and get all your bedsheets in coordinating colors. That way, the blanket is always going to match your bedding and look organized. You can also get cheap curtains in neutral tones so they go with everything.

Add texture elements

A monotonous room is extremely boring. The best way to spice it up is to add a variety of textures. This is also good for sensory stimulation. Get a fuzzy rug, smooth tablecloth, embellished pillows, and other textured fabrics to give off a soft and cozy vibe.

The colors can be mixed and matched according to the rest of your room decor. Not only is it visually appealing, but it also helps stimulate your senses.

Style your nightstand

The nightstand is next to your bed which makes it the second thing you lay your eyes upon in a room. Instead of making it a cluttered mess of lotions, charging cords, and receipts, clear it out and add decor. You can invest in a cute lamp and a cord organizer for your chargers to declutter your nightstand.

For things that simply must stay on the table, use trays. Trays are aesthetic organizers and a perfect touch to your bland nightstand.


Contrary to popular belief, revamping your room is possible with any available budget. All you have to do is keep an aim and a clear vision of what you want your room to look like. The rest depends on how economical you get.

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