Big Mouth Episode 2 Disney+ K-Drama time, rating and preview

Lee Jongsuk and Yoona’s latest Disney+ K-drama, Big Mouth, premiered on July 29 and the internet can’t stop talking about the first episode. Ahead of Episode 2’s release, here’s a look at the Episode 1 preview and ratings.

After a three-year wait, Lee Jongsuk, an ultimate K-drama crush, has made his comeback on South Korean television Big mouth. MBC’s latest thriller brings out a whole different side of Lee Jongsuk. We see that in his role as Chang-ho Pinnochio The actor transforms from a gullible lawyer into a determined investigator who must uncover the truth behind a vast conspiracy involving some of the most powerful men in the country.

Along with Lee Jongsuk, Yoona’s character as Go Mi ho, Chang-ho’s wife, is already a fan favorite as the 32-year-old actress perfectly portrays the role of her husband’s greatest support system.

Big Mouth release time

Episode 2 of Big Mouth airs July 30 at 9:50 p.m. KST/8:50 a.m. ET on MBC.

The drama will be available with subtitles on Disney+ in multiple countries after 12:00 AM KST/11:00 AM ET.

Rating and response from Big mouth episode 1

Episode 1 of Big mouth has earned an impressive rating from the very first episode. According to South Koreans Nielsen Chart, it has a national average rating of 6.2 with the first episode and a metropolitan average rating of 6.3.

Globally, the K-Drama has a rating of 9.3 IMDB and 8.5 on My drama list.

K-Drama fans on Twitter are raving about Lee Jongsuk and Yoona’s new roles.

From prosecutor to doctor, journalist, editor and comic book hero, Jongsuk has impressed viewers with a plethora of interesting roles over the years, but there’s no doubt about that Big mouth will produce one of the wildest and boldest performances of all time.

Speaking of the main cast of the new drama, a fan said: “The acting of Yoona and Jongsuk is unparalleled. Their roles are 180 removed from their real characters. Miho is Miho. Changho is Changho. I see no trace of actresses Yoona and Lee Jongsuk in the drama.”

Episode 2 preview

According to the Episode 2 preview, Changho is portrayed as Big Mouse after the accident.

When his life takes a 180 degree turn and he ends up in a prison where he confronts the real masterminds, Miho is determined to help Changho from the outside and meet the mayor.

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