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Nova Scotia community college or an sec which is just 14 000 a year this is the school where i went and i can tell you for sure it’s a school that’s recognized by a lot of companies here in nova Scotia and Halifax around Canada it’s pretty well known in different History essay writing industries so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find a job after graduation especially if you establish a network while studies and a big advantage is that it’s pretty simple and easy to get pr in nova scotia a lot of people from Vancouver Toronto.

I know they moved here to get their pr and they’re pretty much permanent residents at this point even though nova scotia is really open in terms of immigration it’s not the most affordable place especially Halifax the cost of living here is not the highest but not the lowest for example this two-bedroom apartment is 1400 a month i actually have friends who live there it’s a pretty clean neat place there’s a big indian community there it’s a huge building a bonus just for the viewers of this video i want to give you a special discount to the IELTS fast lane it’s a premium seven page pdf that will fast track your IELTS preparation it’s the most important keys and tricks so that you can score high on IELTS because i know that this step is the most important to getting actually accepted into any of these colleges i mentioned the next college is really affordable.

Number five northern lights college it’s twelve thousand dollars a year the college itself is quite isolated but that’s the trade-off you need to make if you want to save some money and the cost of living there is quite affordable compared to Vancouver as it’s pretty much far from the city it’s about 945 for this two bedroom apartment and you can even share it together just for 500 each in terms of getting permanent residents British Columbia is not the easiest pathway for it for sure it’s pretty competitive but compared to Ontario it’s not as bad number four cna or college of the north Atlantic which is only 11 200 a year this college offers a lot of great programs in particular it’s really good for anybody who wants to do trades and also with the colleges located in newfoundland which is really open for PR there’s a lot of pathways especially the Atlantic immigration pilot program.

I made a detailed video on it you can click up here to see what it’s all about in terms of cost of living it’s super cheap really affordable for example i found this two-bedroom apartment for just 820 a month which is crazy low for the rest of Canada number three UConn college ten thousand dollars a year this is really low and the college is great for anybody who wants to take science related programs especially if you’re interested in other and study something related to the north as the location of the college in yukon it is really really isolated that’s where the low price tag comes from the disadvantage would be it’s hard to find accommodation there as it’s a small place resources are hard to be delivered there for example if you want to live on campus you can pay about eighteen hundred dollars per semester for a dormitory option getting pr and uconn well this story is not so long you can check it out yourself i covered it in my playlist on how to get pure in all of 13 provinces of canada it’s up here you can click on it after watching this video but in general it’s pretty easy as there is not a lot of people who want to work in uconn number two holland college it’s about 9 600 a month only this is really affordable and i have friends who went there.

They say the instructors really know what they talk about they’re really professional the programs are really good quality a big advantage of living there would be the cost of living i found this three bedroom apartment for only eight hundred fifty dollars a month if you rent out the two other bedrooms you only pay like 280 dollars a month which is super cheap also finding jobs there is not hard if you’re a professional if you know what you’re doing iot business medical settings these are really high demand jobs there number one new brand street college of crafts and design nine thousand dollars a year this is the cheapest option for anyone interested in anything from photography to jewelry making to graphic design this college offers everything art related also it’s pretty simple to get pr a new brunswick as they really need immigrants they’re really open in terms of their immigration policies and the cost of living is low as well for example this two bedroom apartment is only 939 dollars a month which is really really good for canada in 2021 i want to help 10 000 people move to canada that’s why i created this private discord group that you can join if you click the link in the description to connect with others it’s anything from scholarships to finding schools and to connecting so that you can establish your network before you come to canada.

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