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All You Need To Know About Badge Reels

The first retractable badge reels can be dated back to 1981 and remain among the best identity reels in the market industry. Since then, new styles and configurations have developed to cater to different requirements of professionalism, like healthcare industries, educational sectors, and even the government. Today, you will not see a single professional without one.

For instance, a reliable badge buddy would enable efficient identification of doctors, nurses, RN, LPN, LVN, and others. A reputable manufacturer provides customization options to showcase the firm’s brand image appropriately through color and style.

Not everyone has the time for formal introductions, which cannot be truer in a corporate environment. Staff and colleagues can easily track your identity and supervise your entry-exits by scanning or swiping the identification tool discussed in this article:

What Is A Badge Reel?

Regardless of the industry you are working in, badge holders and reels have much in store for you. A badge reel is a durable case with a retractable cord made of flexible nylon. They are often found in square or circle shapes.

 While the diameter varies among manufacturers, you will typically find them in 1.25” diameter with a clip attachment for the apparel. Clips come in broad varieties ranging from springs, belts, and close-end pins. The cord length varies among suppliers but is usually 27 to 36 inches with spring elasticity.

How Does It Work?

While these identification tools come in multiple styles, their working mechanism is similar. The outer casing is the part first visible to the outside and is made with highly durable materials for identity or brand logo. The inner casing possesses a retractable cord wrapped for accessible pulling. Turn it over, and you will see a clip attachment where you can effectively secure it on your apparel or belts. The anatomy is given as follows:

  • Outer Case: The outer case protects the wrapped retractable coils and showcases your identity or brand imaging. Getting a badge buddy from a reliable manufacturer will ensure the outer case is made of different colors and styles with durable materials for longevity. A reliable badge reel manufacturer provides several types, like magnetic, festive-themed, and retractable ones. The right supplier will establish the most appropriate and personalized visual cue representing the industry.
  • Inner workings: The inner casing has coil-wrapped retractable cords, and the length differs on the type of badge reel. For instance, carabiner cords are 36 inches long, while standard metal reels are 18 inches with lock buttons.
  • Attachment points: These points are made of vinyl strips, rubber O-rings, and bulldog clips and are present at two joints- with the employee and the ID card.

Different Types Of Badge Reels

  • Carabiner: These reels are the no-twist kind equipped with clips to prevent small tools, keys, ID cards, and other stuff from falling. They are perfect for storing items and can efficiently be attached to apparel, belt, backpack, and pouch.
  • Retractable: These badge holders are the best for employees and professional workers like doctors, nurses, military, students, and security staff, as they can easily be clipped onto the purse, belt, or pocket. They are available in swipe, scan, and key-in types and are used for optimal ID management.
  • Lanyard: These display badges are extraordinarily sturdy and movement-friendly, thus making them the appropriate choice for coaches and physical trainers. Lanyards carry heavy equipment like flashlights, keys, cards, and whistles.
  • Heavy-Duty: Heavy-duty reels are the sturdiest, making them appropriate for heavy operations like military workforce and security guards. They have a reinforced construction that can operate under harsh uses and heavy storage like SWAT equipment, industrial climates, electronic items, swiss knives, and other small gear.


Badge reels are extensively used in the educational sectors, government, military, healthcare, and corporate events for their customizable showcasing of identity and better visibility of the user’s position in the organization. Time and again, these tools have contributed to optimizing workforce attendance and access management to canteens, rooms, libraries, and more.

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