When Beyonce told people all around the world to “put a ring on it” if they liked a girl, we’re pretty sure the pop star was making a reference to an engagement ring. In fact, with all the focus the world tends to pay to shiny, unique engagement rings, we tend to forget one extremely important accessory — the wedding band.

The wedding band is the ring that ties it all together. It’s the ring that you exchange at the wedding ceremony and the one that officially marks the beginning of your life together. The wedding ring is also significant because, most often, it’s also the ring that both husband and wife wear to signify their marital status. It’s the ring that is worn every day, even if the engagement ring isn’t. That’s exactly why it’s so important to have a stylish one that you love to see sitting on your finger.

Women’s Wedding Bands Overview

There are many different styles of wedding bands for women that are available on the market. From the type of metal to the setting and the simplicity or complexity of the design, there are many things to consider when selecting a wedding band for your partner. We’ll take you through a few of these below.

What Makes Women’s Wedding Bands Styles Important

Wedding band styles are one of the most important things you have to think about while purchasing one. You don’t want to have to look at a ring every day and realize it’s a style that you strongly dislike. Aside from this, there are other things to factor in.

You ideally want your wedding ring to complement your engagement ring. Since the engagement ring is usually the centerpiece of all wedding accessories, the band should match or contrast it accordingly. It should be able to stand on its own while highlighting the engagement ring.

A simple solution to this is to choose a ring that’s simple in essence. Or conversely, you could change things up and make the wedding band the showstopper! In case you’ve not selected an engagement ring yet or been surprised by one, you could always opt for a set. Picking a set makes it easier to ensure that the wedding ring and engagement ring pair well together. 

As always, the price of your wedding ring should be a crucial consideration. Don’t extend your budget just to get a nice ring because you’ll be paying the price for it some other way in the future. Picking a ring within your budget is picking peace of mind!

Of course, you have to make sure your wedding ring fits the bill (literally and figuratively). But you also need to check that it fits the finger. While resizing technology has come far, it’s still much easier to work with a ring that is the correct size.

It’s also important to select a wedding band that is durable. This largely comes down to the metal you decide your ring should be. Think about the kind of work you engage in. Does it involve the use of your hands on the regular? In that case, you’re probably going to need a wedding band that can weather a fair amount of wear and tear. Our advice? Pick a wedding band that really suits your durability needs.

7 Most Popular Women’s Wedding Band Styles Explained

Now that you know all the factors to take into account while picking out an engagement ring, let’s get into the fun stuff, also known as the styles! Here are some of the most popular wedding band styles for women.

  1. Classic Wedding Band

As the name suggests, the classic wedding band is a timeless symbol of love and devotion. Since time immemorial, this simple band has graced the hands of many women, traditionally signifying their love for their marriage union. It is essentially a plain circle in the metal of your choice and one that you absolutely cannot go wrong with.

  1. Eternity Wedding Band
    The eternity band makes for a glamorous choice. This style generally has diamonds surrounding the entire circumference of the ring. There are many variations to the ring style in terms of how the diamonds are placed, such as:

Half-eternity: In this type, the diamonds run only around half the band.

Gemstone eternity rings: In this type, a different gemstone cut is used in place of the traditional round one.

Various settings: The diamonds or other gemstones are set in varied ways like pave, channel or prong.

  1. Pave Wedding Band
    A pave wedding band is one that has a row of diamonds or gemstones that create a continuous look. These rings are most commonly made by using diamond melees but can also add in other stones. While this style is undoubtedly beautiful and sparkly it can also result in damage to the stones since they are more exposed than diamonds that are channel set.

    There are 2 broad styles of pave settings:

French pave diamond rings: In this setting, the diamonds are arranged to make them seem as sparkly as possible. The metal forms a v shape that allows light to hit the sides of the stone.

Scalloped pave diamond rings: This setting has a rounded base upon which the diamonds are placed, thus reducing the appearance of the metal and increasing that of the diamonds.

  1. Infinity Wedding Bands

It’s clear that the infinity band uses the infinity symbol (the sideways number 8 form). This symbol is romantic in nature, signifying an unending bond with your partner. Much like the eternity band, the infinity band has a range of styles that can make it look minimalist, maximalist and/or bejeweled.

  1. Multi-Stone Wedding Bands
    A multi-stone wedding band usually holds a lot of significance and symbolism. It also adds greater emphasis to the pair of wedding rings. Most couples opt for this type of wedding band to represent something in their relationship. For instance, a 5-stone ring might represent 5 years of dating before marriage. While this kind of wedding band might seem similar to an eternity or half-eternity band, it usually has room for larger stones.

  2. Matching V-Shaped Wedding Band
    If you have a gorgeous engagement ring that is the highlight of your jewelry collection, you may want a wedding band that plays second fiddle to it. One of the best options on this front is a v-shaped or curved or wishbone wedding band. It can be a channel set, pave set or prong set.

    Matching v-shaped wedding bands are available in so many different shapes and sizes in order to complement the main star of the show — the engagement ring. A favorite amongst couples is the wishbone style since the wishbone represents good luck, positivity, hope, wealth, happiness and good fortune. Throw in some diamonds, the gemstone that stands for strength, love and durability, and you have yourself a ring full of good omens.

  3. Twisted Wedding Band
    The twisted wedding band is one of the more unique wedding bands for women. In this style, two pieces of metal curve together to form a twisted shape that signifies the coming together of two parts to form one beautiful life together, eternally. Creativity has plenty of room in this style, with couples most commonly choosing to include two different metals to fuse together with gemstones and other embellishments.

And there you have it! Now that you know the different types of wedding bands for women, it’s time for you to find your own to treasure forever.

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