5 Top Books That Can Help to Learn Self Discipline


Self-discipline is certifiably not a characteristic that everybody has. Also, it is not a property that everyone inherits. It’s something that the vast majority of the people have attempted to create over the years. To develop self-discipline, no doubt you need inner and external elements. You might also have to make some explicit decisions. Self-discipline has many other names, like determination, Self-control, and self-guideline. Anyways, discussing the names of self-discipline is not today’s topic. In today’s article, I will talk about the 5 top books that can help you learn self-discipline. But before that, it is necessary to make your base by defining the term self-discipline. So, let’s start today’s discussion with this.

What does it mean by self-discipline?

Self-discipline is the ability to do things on your own without requiring external aid. It is the ability to control yourself and make yourself disciplined enough that you do not need the assistance of others in doing something. You need to show self-discipline when you need to do something out of distractions and negative thoughts. Remember that self-discipline is something different from motivation. Motivation leads to self-discipline.

Why do you need to work on self-discipline?

Self-discipline is important in almost every phase of life. It is imperative for every individual, either a student or a professional, to learn self-discipline. Below are some of the points that elaborate on why you need to work on it.

  • Self-discipline is what pushes you to do quality work even when you do not feel like it.
  • It helps to stick with something and achieve the goals you want to.
  • It improves the learning and performance of students or professionals.

Which are the top 5 books to learn self-discipline?

From the discussion above, you must have known that self-discipline is something very important in your life. Therefore, you need to develop it in yourself to succeed in life. You can either develop it by joining some coaching classes or reading the books written on this subject. Here, I will describe the top 5 books you can read to learn self-discipline. Hence, a brief description of all the books is as follows:

Eat that Frog

The first book on self-discipline on today’s list is Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy. The effectiveness of this book in developing self-discipline can be estimated from its translations. To date, this book has been translated into 23 languages. In this book, the author Tracy discusses the 21 most effective methods to be self-disciplined and conquer procrastination. The book tells us how technology is affecting our ability to be self-disciplined. It is why Tracy shared some tips to be more productive in this age of technology.

You must be thinking about the oddness in the book’s name. Why did he choose this title for his book? So, the reason behind this is that nobody likes to eat that frog, but in some emergency cases, you will eat it. The same applies to self-discipline. You do not want to do the task, but you have to complete that task.

No Excuses – The Power of Self-Discipline

This second book on how to learn self-discipline by Brian Tracy is a good read for recent graduate students. It is a good starting point before going into the professional world. The central theme of this book is that talent and luck are two wonderful things. But the author implies that these two things will not take you as far as self-discipline will. This book covers different life areas where you make excuses. Based on those areas, the author Tracy suggests how you can be more disciplined.

The Power of Habit

This book on how to learn self-discipline has come from Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter Charles Duhigg. As the name suggests, this book is all about habits. The author discusses how habits shape us and how we can change them. Duhigg shares the scientific theories that explain why habits exist in human beings and how they can change those habits to be more self-disciplined. After reading this book, the readers learn how they can leave bad habits and develop self-discipline. According to the author of this book, habits play a massive role in the transformation of a person.

The Practicing Mind

This 4th book is by Thomas M. Sterner. It discusses how individuals can achieve their goals by practising self-discipline. This book is also a good read for students who are about to make new resolutions and set goals for themselves. It is because this book is full of fresh and new tips on how to achieve the desired goals by remaining self-disciplined. The author mainly highlights the importance of mindset on how self-disciplined people are. The author refers to his personal experiences about piano and mastering golf in the book. The crux of this book is that you can achieve everything with the right mindset.

The Compound Effect

This book by the renowned writer Darren Hardy is the last book on today’s list of books on how to learn self-discipline. The majority of people call this book the manifesto of self-discipline. The author of the book really knows about how to develop self-discipline as he himself is a multi-millionaire and author of best-selling books.

The principle of this book is pretty simple to understand. Its principle is that small everyday life decisions either take you to the heights you desire or the disaster. By reading this book, you will not find a magical thing that can make you self-disciplined. The author has described some fundamental principles you can follow to achieve greatness.


To summarise, self-discipline is not something that is inherited. You have to work hard to develop this thing in yourself. To do so, you must practice it daily by challenging the obstacles in front of you. The top 5 books mentioned above can help you learn self-discipline a lot. There are many other books other than those mentioned above. If you want to read them, go search the internet and be self-disciplined.

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