10 Most Popular Flowers in India

We square measure cognizant that our stunning nation hosts several flowers, right from the subfreezing climate of the Himalayas to the nice and cozy coastal regions. Browse additional to be told regarding this. despite rain or shine, associate degree assortment of colors dots the rural area and gardens across the country, as flowers burst in an exceeding type of sizes and shapes that add beauty and ringing to India. At now of the year, summers square measure right around the corner, and it’s time for the U.S. to find what is excellent for the over 30-degree weather.

The summer season stretches from March to might with the monsoon season starting in the Gregorian calendar month. even if gardens need relatively additional nurturing and care throughout summers, the variability of flowers that bloom during this explicit season makes it definitely worth the effort. So, order flowers online and send flowers online now.

We provide the finest Online Flower Delivery services. So, to make your garden colorful and plush, here square measures the highest ten Flowers in India:


These bright flowers square measure an ideal option to add color to any garden. The color of the flower varies from lightweight yellow to golden brown. It is a typical flower that’s use for numerous functions, together with spiritual and healthful. The flower pigment extract is use for food color. Even higher, marigolds tend to stay pests away, therefore you’ll be able to plant them close to flowers that square measure eaten by bugs and use them as a natural and exquisite type of persecutor management.


Lotus could be a common hydrophytic plant and is the national flower of Asian country – India. Lotuses’ square measure is usually obtainable in reminder bright pink and white. One of the characteristics of the lotus is that its petals open by dawn and shut down slowly from afternoon to evening. This can be a fragile flower that will, sure enough, be a fun and colorful addition to any garden.


These romantic flowers can add cheer to any garden in summer. Tho’ they have that tiny further care, these rose flowers square measure good for summer. If given correct care, they bloom the entire length. Roses tend to draw in quite a few persecutors; thence inserting marigolds aboard will facilitate greatly pest management.


These beautiful flowers square measure typically related to the tropics due to their lush, robust bloom. mallow plants will get quite huge, therefore plant them in a locality wherever they will have lots of areas to grow. As long as mallow is in direct daylight, it’ll bloom and grow all season long, and are available up stronger year when a year.


The most suitably named of the ton, sunflowers square measure lovely yellow flowers which will dot your garden, providing it a spirited feel. These plants square measure smart at withstanding extreme temperatures. It’s necessary to notice that they’re to not be overwater, as this loosens the soil and may weaken the plant.

Musk Rose

The rose grows throughout the Republic of India. This plant clusters at the tip of its branches manufacturing beautiful and fragrant white flowers. The rose starts to bloom in could. Dark rose hips, starting from purple-brown to red, type once the flower finishes blooming. Its beauty will simply illuminate any garden.


We admire lilies flowers for his or her weather robustness. They are doing not want a lot to survive in extreme atmospheric conditions. If the sun is simply too sturdy they let the leaves dry, however, the bulb remains acutely aware to measure. It forgives the sun and blooms once more with ease whenever it feels safe to come back out of its harsh surroundings.


Zinnias are definitely among the simplest flowers for anyone, whether or not simply starting or fully-fledged in horticulture, to germinate and also grow directly from seed. Their straightforward culture, heat tolerance, and colorful middle to late summer show, blooming onerous once alternative annuals are spent, build them well price exploring. A favorite of the butterflies, the old maid flower will hold a prideful place in your garden.


These are one of every of the foremost fashionable flowers amongst gardeners. They’re quickly growing and blossom fantastically. they’re found in purple, red, pink, white, and yellow colors. They’re an ideal selection for hanging planters and baskets. To feature some cheer and color, you’ll be able to place them between shrubs or suspend them around the garden.


Pansies are smart flowers for sowing annually. They provide a palette of colors for any season in your garden. They’re smart for borders, containers, and ground covers as they supply loads of grace to the garden. You’ll be able to obtain pansy seeds online from our store – we tend to deliver to any place in India!

To Wrap Up

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